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Summary: For whatever reason, Harry does not function like canon. He shadows people, doing what they do how they do it. And now he's chosen to copy Severus Snape. How does this affect the events of canon? Does Snape behave even more maliciously because he thinks Harry is mocking him like James used to? Does anybody realize Harry has a condition and needs help? Does Harry even really need help, or has his copying people truly become the "power the dark lord knows not"? All up to you! I just really want to see Harry stalking around and flouncing his cloak to look like a bat 😀 like Snape does lol
Summary: After the war, Harry offered to help to rebuild Hogwarts, during which he chose to talk to the portraits of Dumbledore and Snape about it.
Summary: in which they discovers the flaws on lily together,which leads to better acceptance of their lives and deepens their love for lily. Maybe something happens(you decide what) ,just like what had happened in OotPs that prompted harry to painfully realize the myth of his father,and in DH,where he discovered secrets of Dumbledore.But what if something happens to let both of them discover the difference between the idealized picture of Lily and who she really was/is?
Summary: Harry Potter gets fed up with being demonized, both in person by the Dursleys and the kids at school as well as in ink by Skeeter and her ilk. So he creates an anonymous editorial; you can have him print it in the Daily Prophet if you want (as long as its somewhere that it gets loads of attention). The thing is, this new writer has such a scathing tongue that even Severus Snape likes to read his new posts every morning at breakfast. This new writer is calling out everyone -- from Fudge and his cowardice to Dumbledore and his manipulations. And every morning at breakfast in the Great Hall, a pair of green eyes gleefully take in the reactions to his written take downs. Maybe Harry Potter cant stand up for himself in person by telling the wizarding world how ridiculous it is, but (insert pen name) certainly can.
Summary: After a stressful day teaching dunderheads, the last thing Severus wants to do is to spend the rest of his evening teaching the brat Oculemency. Unfortunately, after many failed attempts and many crosswords, Severus lashes out and hits Harry causing a serious accident. Severus does everything he can to help/save him. Full of remorse Severus vows to make amends.
Summary: Write a story about Snape and Harry using one of the following historical total lunar eclipses viewable in Scotland during Harry's school years as a major plot point.

1. Dec 9-10, 1992 (Fall term of Harry's second year)

2. Nov 29, 1993 (Fall term of Harry's third year)

3. April 3-4, 1996 (Spring term of Harry's 5th year)

4. Sept. 7. 1996 (Fall term of Harry's 6th year)

5. March 24, 1997 (Spring term of Harry's 6th year)

6. Sept 16, 1997 (Fall term of Harry's 7th year)
Summary: There is a spell on an office in Hogwarts that guides children in bad home situations to that specific spot at certain specific dates and times of the year. This spell is only active when the castle judges that a worthy Head of House who will help the children is available. It compels that Head to select that specific office and to be there during those specific dates and times. There are times when no head is worthy &/or has the power/inclination to protect those children, so the office isn't used. During Snape's years as a student, this was the case.

When Snape becomes a head-of-house, the castle has judged him, after years of living within her walls, to be the next successor to this protection spell. At first, Snape can't figure out why he has a desire to be in his office at those specific times and why random students keep showing up there with no specific purpose in mind. Then he starts to see a pattern. He rebels a bit, surely the castle has chosen wrongly. But he can't let the problems go, he has to help these children, just as he wished someone would have helped him.

Imagine his surprise when Harry Potter is one of the students that shows up during those special office hours...

During Harry's first year at Hogwarts Dumbledore insists that Harry go home for Christmas. Things don't go as he plans. Will Harry meet someone he doesn't expect that can help him home?

Harry sat alone in the cold winter night on the side of the road with nothing but the clothes on his back. He didn't even have his coat. Hs Uncle had seen to that.

Harry sighed and sat down on a near by bench trying to figure out what to do. His relatives had dumped him here soon after they had picked him up from the train. The Headmaster had thought that they would want to see him for Christmas, he was very wrong. 

Snow started to fall gently on Harry and the young boy wrapped his arms around himself. He needed to find somewhere warm to go first and then he could think of what to do later. With that thought Harry got up still with his arms wrapped around his body and started to walk to the near by town. He hoped that there was a coffee shop or something he could crash in for a bit.

Summary: A little prompt to start with. :) End of fourth year after the triwizard tournament. Harry is having some thoughts and he receives help from someone unexpected.

It was the end of Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts. The triwizard tournament had finished and Harry had found himself sitting at the top of the astronomy tower. He couldn't keep his mind from drifting to Cedric, and how he wished so much that they had traded places. That Cedric was still here.

Harry looked down at the ground again and slid just a bit closer to the edge. What would happen if he were to accidentally fall? Voldemort was officially back, but was it really his job to take care of the maniac? If he wasn't here then the adults could take care of him. Form once they would have to fight for themselves instead of depend on some kid.

Maybe he should just slide off and fall to a peaceful end. Harry slid just a bit further forward and continued to look down at the great drop.

If he fell he wouldn't have to go back to the Dursley's home. Falling was looking more appealing by the moment. 

As he slid just a bit further forward to fall off the edge a hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed his arm.
Summary: Petunia is given a second chance at being a better person when she's sent to the past and reconciles with Lily as children. After the Order fails to protect her sister, she's left with raising Harry all on her own and keeping Lily's last secret. Harry grows up knowing all about Hogwarts, magic, and his mother, but never hears about "that boy" that was his father. Severus was presumed KIA during the war, and Petunia never heard anything more.

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