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Summary: I guess you've had enough of viruses and pandemics but imagine this: The Wizarding World is often protrayed as quite backward; thus vaccinations were only introduced (as a concept) after Grindelwald's defeat, and many older people (especially lawmakers in the Wizengamot) are against vaccinations as a concept (perhaps due to prejudice against Muggles). Then, an epidemic or a pandemic of a disease breaks out that people could have been vaccinated against, but the vaccine lost its efficacy due to spread in the population and mutations. How does Hogwarts react to this? Or look wider, if you wish.
Summary: With the Second Wizarding War over, lives upheaved, and education sporadic for many students, the Ministry of Magic decrees that the Age of Majority and Emancipation is to be changed to 21. Sound development into Wizarding adulthood is key to a prosperous and harmonious future. All young Witches and Wizards must have a Magical family to guide them, must graduate all years of Hogwarts, including additional classes of Wizarding customs, laws, health, vocational jobs, and have a clean bill of psychological health before being emancipated.
Summary: Before students are accepted to Hogwarts they must be assessed by a teacher or Ministry Official for academic proficiency. Professor Snape is assigned Harry Potter.
Summary: Dumbledore and the Wizarding World have larger enemies than Voldemort and his Death Eaters: Muggles. They must all put down their differences and ambitions and work together to survive.
Summary: Severus is Harry's father, but when Lily died (perhaps when Harry was a bit older than he was in canon, so he slightly knows what's going on), he was devastated and turned to the drink, which led to him not being able to take care of Harry, little Harry, of course, wants to stay with his father but after Severus comes to the conclusion that he may end up hurting Harry since he can't control himself, he decides to up and leave, without anyone knowing where he went to, leaving Harry to the care of the Dursleys (whether he knows it or not is unimportant) ... skip to years later and Harry is about to start Hogwarts having grown up knowing his father had left him, but now guess who's back to be his teacher? - The reason Snape spent so long away is up to you, perhaps he was forced to leave to begin with, or he went to stay away for a bit but then couldn't return? -Snape does want to get close to Harry again and he is remorseful but perhaps not so good at showing it (maybe have him send Harry birthday cards while he was away so he wasn't completely out of touch- again it's up to you), Harry is just hurting because Snape left him to the abuse of the Dursleys - Bonus if Snape has made family or met someone while away which makes it even harder for Harry to forgive his father basically adds more angst... - Bonus for Happy endings... I like angst but please give it a good ending!
Summary: For whatever reason, Harry does not function like canon. He shadows people, doing what they do how they do it. And now he's chosen to copy Severus Snape. How does this affect the events of canon? Does Snape behave even more maliciously because he thinks Harry is mocking him like James used to? Does anybody realize Harry has a condition and needs help? Does Harry even really need help, or has his copying people truly become the "power the dark lord knows not"? All up to you! I just really want to see Harry stalking around and flouncing his cloak to look like a bat 😀 like Snape does lol
Summary: After the war, Harry offered to help to rebuild Hogwarts, during which he chose to talk to the portraits of Dumbledore and Snape about it.
Summary: In which Snape and Harry discover Lily's flaws together, which leads to better acceptance of their lives and deepens their love for Lily. Maybe something happens(you decide what), just like what happened in OotP that prompted Harry to painfully realize the myth of his father, and in DH, where he discovered the secrets of Dumbledore. But what if something happens to let both of them discover the difference between the idealized picture of Lily and who she really was/is?
Summary: Harry Potter gets fed up with being demonized, both in person by the Dursleys and the kids at school as well as in ink by Skeeter and her ilk. So he creates an anonymous editorial; you can have him print it in the Daily Prophet if you want (as long as its somewhere that it gets loads of attention). The thing is, this new writer has such a scathing tongue that even Severus Snape likes to read his new posts every morning at breakfast. This new writer is calling out everyone -- from Fudge and his cowardice to Dumbledore and his manipulations. And every morning at breakfast in the Great Hall, a pair of green eyes gleefully take in the reactions to his written take downs. Maybe Harry Potter cant stand up for himself in person by telling the wizarding world how ridiculous it is, but (insert pen name) certainly can.
Summary: After a stressful day teaching dunderheads, the last thing Severus wants to do is to spend the rest of his evening teaching the brat Occlumency. Unfortunately, after many failed attempts and many cross words, Severus lashes out and hits Harry causing a serious accident. Severus does everything he can to help/save him. Full of remorse Severus vows to make amends.

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