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Summary: - The story should mainly revolve about Severus and Harry.
- Severus is revealed to be Harry's biological father in the context of an Occlumency lesson.
- Harry is or becomes proficient in the Mind Magics.
- The story has to contain the sentence: "Your father, James Potter, died when you were one and a half years old." Slight variations can be accepted.
- It involves a prophecy that asks for "A Father's Sacrifice". Bonus points if Severus casts the Killing Curse at Harry, without malicious intent.
- The story has to include the lyrics of at least one song. That does not mean the song has to make up the entirety of the story. Ideally, the song actually exists at the point of time in the story when it is referenced.
When you post your story, make sure to reference this challenge so that others can contribute, too :-)
Summary: Sitting in the hospital waiting room Harry gazed up at the ceiling clutching his right wrist with his other hand. It hurt, a lot.

In fact, his whole body hurt right now, but his wrist and foot, which he knew was swelling up in his too-small shoe, hurt the most. He had lots of broken bones through the years, but having so many at once had brought him here to the hospital. The guy in the cab hadn't even tried to charge him for the ride, not that he had any money.

With that thought, Harry closed his eyes and continued to think about his horrible day, but his thoughts were interrupted by someone calling his name. Was it his turn already? Harry opened his eyes and started to get up, but stopped when he saw the familiar worried eyes of Arthur Weasley.

*this is just a start, it’s up to you to tie in Snape!
Summary: Any main character (preferably Snape or Harry) is an animagus (legal or not).
Summary: Our story starts in second year. When Harry and Ron crash the car into the whomping willow Ron doesn't just break his wand but also his wrist (or arm, up to you). The goal is for Harry and Ron to be arguing about Ron going to the hospital wing when Snape finds them instead of speculating about what happened to Snape. Snape then separates them, sending Ron to the Hosipital wing where Madam Pomfrey and McGonagall will meet him. Meanwhile, Snape will take the chance to scold Harry while waiting for McGonagall to finish with Ron.

In the book, Ron is the most outspoken in this scene, he gives Harry support. Now, without Ron, all Harry can think about is that they will send him back to the Dursley's. After the summer he had, he knows he won't survive going back so soon. He starts to have a panic attack (bonus if you can accurately describe how it feels). Snape, in an effort to calm him down and help him breathe has to touch him in some way (up to you). Harry has not had a chance to change into his robes nor has he gained back that much weight from the summer, so a combo of the panic attack, the weight loss, and the clothes make Snape think.

Maybe now that the gates are open Harry keeps having Panic attacks?

Please no slash, reverse roles, or master relationships.
Summary: Due to being forced into a cupboard for the majority of his life and encountering all sorts of creatures, Harry has a strong aversion/ phobia of insects. It shows during a potions class while preparing the ingredients, which include an insect or pest of your choice. Harry reacts very strongly in response. Bonus if Harry disrupts the class in his panic. Double Bonus if Snape finds out the reason behind Harry's phobia. Triple Bonus if Lily had the same issue as a student (obviously not for the same reasons.)
Summary: Harry has lost his memory.

Severus or Harry (or both) have an allergy. Litterally, that's it.


*How severe is the allergy? Is it Epipen level or is it more of an intolerance? (If you have both, are their allergies on the same level or different?)

**Include how they deal with the allergy (how does the magic world deal with it? Spells? Potions? Magical Epipen?)

***If Harry and Severus both have the same allergy.

Summary: Dumbledore wanted Harry to find the Mirror of Erised, but he did not anticipate how much time Harry would spend in front of it. By the time Dumbledore decides to confront the boy about the mirror, the boy has been sucked into the clutches of grey magic, and lies unconscious on the stone floor of the unused classroom. Harry finds himself in paradise. At first he believes it's all to good to be true. His mum and dad are there. They love him. And Harry never, ever wants to leave. How can they save Harry from the mirror? Enter one, Severus Snape, Master Occlumens and Legilimens. It's up to the professor to pull Harry back to reality. But how can he if the boy does not want to return? Must include the line: "Aren't you too old to call me Mummy?" by one, Lily Potter.
Summary: When Harry Potter first arrives at Hogwarts, Severus Snape falls victim of buying the lie Harry has sold to every other adult and student: the lie that young Harry found the one place he could belong and be himself. However, after a particularly disastrous potions class, Severus is forced to change perspective. How could Harry be himself…if he believes that no one thinks anything good of him? No thanks to the Dursley's, Harry's life has lead him to one conclusion: he will never, ever measure up. With a little boy wired to believe all think the worst of himself and all else refusing to see the truth of the Golden Boy, Severus certainly has his work cut out for him.
Summary: Write a story that explores what happens to people once they've undergone the Dementor's Kiss.

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