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Summary: Pre-Hogwarts. The Dursleys are closing out the old Evans estate. They of course have not a care in the world for where Harry goes and let him wander. He makes it over to the river and falls in. Snape, not even he would be so cruel as to let a child drown, pulls him out. Harry can be any age before Hogwarts. What happens the rest of the day as Snape is forced to take care of the boy the rest of the day. Does he feed him? Give him a change of clothes? Meet the Dursleys? Find out that the boy is neglected? It can be be a one-shot or not. Bonus: Does Harry remember the man that rescued him when he comes to Hogwarts?
Summary: Harry isn't as similar to his father as people sometimes make out; Severus shares more in common with his father than he would like to admit.

Do they talk about it? Does Severus think about it, and never voice it? How do these facts shape the two of them?

Summary: Harry comes to Hogwarts with a problem that affects his learning. He could be colorblind, dyslectic, not have proper glasses (or none at all), not know how to read etc. Snape is the only one that notices. He may still not be nice to Harry, but does take some steps to fix the problem.
Summary: Students are sent home during 1st year christmas holidays. Harry somehow ends up in trouble with the police (could be assigned the blame for something Dudley did, simply trying to steal some food or other essentials, or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time). The Dursleys will not come get him from the police station. They are happy he's out of their hair. Word gets sent to Hogwarts and Snape is dispatched to pick up the boy. At the station he claims to be Harry's father. Harry, thinking that Snape's out to get him, is afraid for his life. The police officers believes it's just a little healthy, fatherly fear and releases him to Snape. Let the fun begin.
Summary: Instead of Sirius escaping Azkaban 3rd year it is his deranged cousin, and she is out for blood. Maybe Snape will take a more active role protecting Harry? Will he still be left to his own devices in Diagon Alley?
Summary: Tobias has been on the prowl and fathered Lily's child (could be boy or girl who lived). Harry comes to hogwarts looking like a mix between Lily and the older Snape, with some resemblance to Severus. What will happen when they discover the connection? Could be combined with my previous challenge Letters Home. Tobias could still be alive for added angst.
Summary: James Potter survived that Halloween night but Lily still died. Harry Potter is the oldest brother of triplets and is the only one scarred by the Unforgivable curse. James raised the triplets as a single father, but not without difficulties.

Must have:

James grew resentful of Harry over the years (he believes Harry to be blamed of his wife's death)

Harry's younger brothers were adored by their godfather, father and the Wizarding public except him.

James opinion of Harry grew worse when he finds out that his magical affinity is Dark instead of Light. And even worse when he learns of his dark ability as a parseltongue.

Potions Master Snape must initially prepare to hate Harry after the sorting but realized the strange dynamics he has with his family, especially the father. Snape personally gets involved.

Summary: Takes place in summer. Harry was still a month shy from turning twelve. He made an accidental magic, causing his inner wish for a companion. Someone he could trust and look after. He never expect it to come true, especially not in the form of a terrified nine years old child who goes by the name Severus.

Story must have:

1.) Weasleys never rescued Harry from the Dursleys.
2.) Dobby incident still happened.
3.) For some reason, Harry cannot contact the Headmaster or anyone for help during the summers. Yes, summers - as in plural.
4.) Harry must show distrust in the Headmaster over the years but it must be gradual.
5.) Harry and the younger Severus made a brother pact. One which Harry sworn to look after and protect his younger brother from any danger, including his own muggle relatives (Dursleys).
6.) For some reason, Severus reappears as a couple years older each summer. Ex. Harry is nearly 12 yrs old when meeting younger Severus who's 9 yrs old. Next summer, Harry will be 12 going on 13, but Severus will be 11 (just finished his First Year). 3rd summer, Harry will be 14, but Severus will be 13. ((Bonus if you include Severus' issues with the Marauders and Harry offers help with his troubles.)) 4th summer, Harry will be 15, but Severus is 16. ((Bonus++ if you include Severus' Dark Mark.)) 5th summer will be the last summer Severus shows up (as 18 in his last year at Hogwarts).
7.) Harry must be protective of Severus (even if they do not see eye to eye on some issues.)
8.) Professor Snape does is cold and snarky to him as usual, leading Harry to believe that he doesn't recall his summers with him ((Snape's reasoning for behaving this way is entirely up to you. However, their confrontation concerning their summers together MUST be saved until the end of story where the young Severus stops appearing in the other summers.))
9.) Dursleys must be seen as 'the worst sort of muggles.' I'll leave that interpretation to you. But Severus must bear witness their actions on Harry at one point or another.
10.) Harry keeps Severus a secret from the Dursleys using the aid of his father's invisibility cloak. And willing starves himself by offering his scraps of food 'generously given by his relatives' to Severus and Hedwig.
Summary: Harry is exiled from the wizarding world.
Summary: Severitus. Parent Severus to young Harry in Hogwarts. For some reason (you can make it up), Severus adopting Harry breaks apart the Golden Trio. It can be bashing of Weasley and Granger, but it doesn't have to be. But for whatever reason, Harry's friends cannot recognize that Severus is good for Harry. Another point: Draco and Harry are friends or grow to be lovers or even brothers. It can happen gradually, but Draco has to be an adorable little git. Voldemort can be already dead or not, but his presence or lack thereof has to be explained.

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