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Summary: Harry is forced to serve Umbridge's detentions, even though he didn't do anything to deserve them. He might as well do whatever he wants to deserve them. Maybe irritating other Professors will make them give him detention first. Time to take a page out of the Weasley playbook and cause mayhem.
Summary: Snape is chaperoning the Wizarding Duelling Tournament (think Spelling Bee field trip). Harry Potter is of course the Hogwarts participant/representative. There could be other students coming from Hogwarts too. They are forced to live in close quarters. Bonus if Harry also finds himself in some trouble or is experiencing anxiety/duress.
Summary: Basically, Lily and James Potter did not die that night in Godrics Hollow. Instead, they assumed their muggle aliases: Petunia and Vernon Dursley. --- It's up to you whether Dudley still exists. It's up to you whether Lily ever had a real sister named Petunia (maybe she did and Petunia died or maybe she never had a sister in the first place) It's up to you if Sirius and Remus and Dumbledore ever knew about Lily and James' escape plan or if they didn't trust anyone and kept it a secret. There should be no cupboard or starvation or abuse of course. But the caveat is, these "Dursleys" still want to be normal. They can't imagine letting the wizarding world (and Voldemort) find out they and Harry are Still alive. But they've gone a lot of years without using magic-- what can they do to stop whats coming? So what happens when Dumbledore sends snarky Professor Snape to give Harry his Hogwarts letter at 11 and make sure he knows he's meant to attend? ** could be a fun one shot or a full story if you like. Just an idea that flew into my head. Snape and Harry must be in the story obviously but I don't care what kind of relationship you give them
Summary: Snape overhears that Hagrid is going to deliver Harry’s letter next week. He decides to take matters into his own hands and pick up Harry and take him to Diagon Alley right away, before Hagrid gets to. In Diagon Alley they do completely different things, such as go to St Mungos for a mandatory check up before starting Hogwarts.
Summary: On the movie Jumanji, Martha gains the ability to dance fight. We learned canonically that Severus Snape is a good dueler. 1 + 1 = dance dueling! Make dancing a part of dueling and make Severus Snape excel at it! And of course the BWL needs to learn this art of defense. Maybe have snape teach it during the year he teaches DADA or maybe have Lockhart set it up 2nd year like he did the dueling club. However or whenever you like, I just want to see Snape dance-duel! bonus if he's a snob lol and imagines classical music while dueling whereas harry imagines rock music or something
Summary: Dudley ends up coming to Hogwarts. You choose why. Show how it affects Harry and his relationships.

Ideas for a few things that might have brought Dudley:

- Dudley's there to keep him safe from something or someone.
- Dudley is actually magic too. Did he start out going with Harry in year 1 or did he come in a later year?
- Dudley is allowed to visit Harry for some reason.
- Dudley and Harry are both in the custody of someone that lives at Hogwarts so Hogwarts is their full time home.

Potential questions to think about:

- If Dudley ends up going to school, which house does he really belong in?
- Is Dudley the canon Dudley or is he different somehow?
- If Dudley is Muggle but staying at Hogwarts for an extended period of time, what does that look like for him on a daily basis and who are his friends?

So many fun directions to take this in :)
Summary: Harry (or Snape, you choose) decides to, or is challenged to do something nice for once. It happens to be Christmas time or approaching Christmas.


- Minerva or one of Severus' other friends tells Snape something like, "It wouldn't kill you to be nice/do something nice just once you know." Snape says he does nice things for people. Minerva (or whoever) tells him he's never been 'nice' to Harry.
- Harry is complaining about Snape, or his detentions, and Hermione or one of Harry's other friends tells him something like, "It couldn't hurt to be nice to him. You've never even tried, and then you get upset when he's constantly giving you detention."
- Another idea is that someone else who is not Harry or Snape is challenged to do something nice for once, and the thing this person does is decide to: get Harry the help he needs, or help Harry and Snape who are lonely to find each other's company on Christmas (obviously in a teacher/student, friend/mentor or father/son way).

Just some ideas! Feel free to take this in whatever direction you want!
Summary: Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy are the two biggest gits Harry had ever met in the wizarding world. And you know what, he'd never met a muggle worth saving either! So maybe old Moldy-- sorry Voldemort-- had it right. Except for the going insane and considering an infant your greatest enemy thing. Cedric's dead because of him, it's the summer before 5th year, Harry's had bloody enough! Muggles aren't worth saving. And the wizards! All they ever do is turn on him, even (especially) Ron --his so called best friend. Everyone just believes the worst of him and they all think they get to judge his every move and he's still supposed to risk his life fighting Voldemort for them? He loves his parents, but he never even knew them for Pete's sakes! Screw it all, Harry's going dark side. And when Voldemort realizes he has a truly powerful new heir-- because he has a piece of Voldemort inside him anyway, he would make the perfect heir-- Voldemort and Harry might be unstoppable! Will Snape and Draco see the error of their ways when Voldemort himself punishes their behavior against Harry? Will Dumbledore repent his manipulative actions when he sees how far they have pushed the boy?

* Harry becomes voldemorts heir but at some point Severus and Draco apologize/or repent however necessary and Harry then double crosses Voldemort with their help
* Harry has to be intelligent, powerful, and cunning.
*No raping! No one ever writes rape as the serious and tragic situation it really is do I'd rather you not try with this challenge
He can NOT forgive the dursleys or Dumbledore and if he does forgive Snape/Draco, it can't be quickly. They'd have to really work for it

*Maybe Harry defeats Voldemort and takes over cause yeah it makes sense to segregate the wizarding and muggle worlds. Voldemort just didn't have a good strategy
*Maybe Harry switched sides but even Snape and Draco didn't know until Voldemort reveals Harry as his heir (I would love to see this in Snape or Dracos POV. Imagine how terrified theyd be of what Harry could've told Voldemort!?)
* Maybe Harry and Voldemort have lots of conversations in parseltongue which freaks out the death eaters cause no one can understand it obviously so who knows what kind of things they're plotting
Summary: Harry and Severus unexpectedly come face to face in a support group for single fathers. No slash, everything else up to the author.
Summary: On Dumbledore's orders, Severus Snape is sent to Little Whinging for damage control when a young Harry Potter finds himself on top of the school roof. Not only has he apparated there in front of most the school and cannot get down, but the ministry has caught wind of his display and has sent their own representative to investigate with authorization to take control of the boy should it be needed. Who? None other than Dolores Umbridge. Severus has his work cut out for him.

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