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Summary: The reason why electricity and electrical devices aren't allowed at Hogwarts isn't because they wouldn't work... it's because electrical devices and electricity would interfere with magic. This is a highly regulated secret for the Magical world's protection.
Summary: Voldemort regained his human form long before Harry Potter ever first came to Hogwarts.
Summary: Any story where Harry acts as though he must earn his keep (preferably with guardian Snape) , bonus points for trauma throwbacks or heartbreak.
Summary: Harry Potter characters plays video games!
Summary: Severus tries to do something nice for Harry, but it goes horribly wrong.

Bonus points if Snape is motivated by guilt for something. Double bonus points if it happens when he and Harry still hate each other. Triple bonus points if the backlash somehow includes the Dursleys.

No character bashing please. (Except the Dursleys.)
Summary: There is to be an easter egg hunt at Hogwarts! Who came up with that? Idk.. Probably that crazy old Headmaster. Chaos ensues. Surprise me! ^_^
Summary: No one knows how Harry survived the killing curse, but there are those who will go to any length to find out. Harry is kidnapped by scientist wizardkind.
Summary: Get Harry kicked out of Hogwarts.


Get Ron kicked out of Hogwarts and Harry is somehow involved.


Get them both kicked out of Hogwarts.

You should show what happens after they get expelled and make a story of it. Do they stay expelled? Why did they get expelled? Where do they go/what do they do after they get expelled? No drabbles, no slash. Make it a one shot or longer please.
Summary: Extendable ears are used to spy on someone.
Summary: Harry's older sibling gets a Hogwarts letter first. Unwilling to leave Harry behind at the Dursleys', they decide to smuggle him into Hogwarts in a trunk.

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