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Summary: Over the years, Harry had come to realize that the best time to get answers out of Aunt Petunia was after a good book club meeting when she was full of Chardonnay, good food and in a contemplative mood. He'd have to time it right, though, as Uncle Vernon and Dudley couldn't be home. This singular mood is how he found out his parents names. How he found out his birthday, and other such important information as when next Aunt Marge would be visiting so he could be scarce.

Once he started to go to Hogwarts, these info sessions got much more interesting. Here is how he found out that his father was a bully, that he was JUST like his mother in his actions and that his aunt couldn't stand him because of it. It was also in one of these sessions that he happened to mention Professor Snape. What he found out changed his life and his perceptions of the world as he knew it dramatically.

CHALLENGE: A story in which Harry finds out Snape's background from Petunia during one of these 'info sessions'. He found out that Snape grew up and was friends with his mother, his father was an alcoholic muggle that abused him, Harry's father bullied him at school, and his mother was a witch (along with any other perceptions Aunt Petunia chooses to share). This can happen in the year of your choosing.

How does this change Harry and Snape's relationship? Does Harry confront Snape? Maybe yell back at him that he's just like his father after one too many times of being compared to his own? Bonus points for a really good characterization of a Chardonnay soused and chatty Petunia.
Summary: When Voldemort touches Harry Potter’s scar in the graveyard he realizes Harry is one of his Horcruxes.
Summary: Something mysterious is happening at Hogwarts, and Harry, Snape and Dumbledore are trapped in a time loop that restarts every 24 hours. Every day at the same time, the day starts over just as it was before. Harry, Snape and Dumbledore are the only three who seem to realize it and remember what has happened on all the previous iterations of this day. Why is this happening, how do they get out of the time loop, and what kinds of shenanigans (or other things) do they get up to since the day is doomed to repeat itself and wipe the previous day away?
Summary: Harry, Snape, Ron or Draco is a ghost now at Hogwarts. You choose why and how. Show how this affects the living people around them.
Summary: I just want to see Snape's reaction to Harry coming to his first potions class and pulling out the set of pure gold cauldrons that he had looked at in Diagon Alley. Do whatever else you want with.
Summary: Dudley dies, and comes back as a ghost.
Summary: Harry and Severus--and other characters if you want--have to go into hiding in the Muggle world.

Reason up to you. Could be a temporary situation or expected to be permanent, they could have distant support from others still in the wizarding world or could be completely on their own. They could be absolutely anywhere in the world--be creative!

- No Dumbledore bashing
- If you choose to set the fic in a place you're not familiar with, do some research first
- No slash
Summary: When Snape kills Dumbledore the guardianship of Harry Potter is unexpectedly (for both parties) transferred to him. How Dumbledore had acquired the guardianship in the first place is up to you. Dumbledore's death could happen a little earlier in the year to give our two characters some more time "together". How will Snape balance the boy and his other obligations?
Summary: Gillyweed needs to be properly preserved before it can be eaten safely. Dobby didn't realise what he gave Harry was still poisonous.
Summary: It is graduation time at Hogwarts. There's even a proper ceremony and everything.

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