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Summary: Hogwarts is an orphanage.
Summary: When Harry is under the sorting hat chanting "not Slytherin," it reads his desire to learn everything about the wizarding world above his bravery and sorts him into Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor. (Remember that he was into reading all his books after he went shopping.) How does that change things? How does Snape treat him differently? Would he still make friends with Hermione, Ron? Will he still be hostile with Draco without Ron to egg him on? How does this change things with a Harry that is in the quieter and more studious house?
Summary: Snape knows his headache potions well because he almost constantly uses them.
Summary: Santa is a wizard. In some manner, Snape and Harry end up running into him and causing him to lose his life (completely on accident!) during the Christmas of Harry's first year (about the age of Charlie from the movie). When Santa died, a magic card appeared in front of the closest deserving wizard, which happens to be Snape. The card tells him to put on Santa's hat and complete his work for the night. (In this story the hat is magical. No body modification happens - think St. Nicholas of Europe, skinny, distinguished. You could get rid of the greasy hair and black, maybe a more jolly demeanor, etc.?) After Snape and Harry have completed his work for the night with the help of a super magical time turner, he is taken back to Santa's workshop where the elves (an earlier version of house elves, not so subservient and filled with the holiday spirit) explain what his new role will be.

How is Harry with Snape at the time? Perhaps Snape catches him out of bed wandering around under his invisibility cloak while he is staying over at Hogwarts during Christmas. They run into Santa while he is delivering gifts to the castle. Does Quirrel kill Santa?

Snape starts to develop extra powers. He starts to see what children want/need the most. He seems to know what to say to them. His patience with children has started to increase. He is finding it harder and harder to insult anyone. It becomes noticeable. Dumbledore is concerned, what about his spy role? Lucious and Minerva think there is something wrong with him and approach him separately to ask about it.

Meanwhile, Harry is encouraging to Snape in his new role. When he questions the head elf about why he never received gifts before he explains that Santa is more than gifts. His job is to gather all the goodwill in the world throughout the year and renew it during the darkest time. It is imperative that this happen or Chaos will take over. The gifts are more something for the elfs to do. They spread the magic through the Muggle community, but Wizards need more than that. That is where the magic ritual of spreading goodwill comes in. So wizard kids more often than not, receive magical gifts.

Does Harry get a magic snow globe that he has to use when he goes back to the Dursleys for the summer?

If Snape rejects the role, bad things will happen (please expand, maybe he tries?). Harry is there in the background, offering encouragement, believing in him, seeing past his exterior (the hat must have picked him for a reason! He must just be pretending!). They are linked because Harry went with Snape the first time.

Would Snape go back to teaching in the fall?

This storyline lends itself to a lot of OOC, but it would be really funny if Snape starts acting OOC then keeps telling himself to snap out of it! Maybe he dips behind his Occlumency barriers, but the magic of the hat keeps pushing him out? Not sure, but he knows he's not acting as normal and can't seem to help himself. He eventually gives in, though he should be able to keep the sarcasm, it's just nicer.

Summary: Remus and Sirius have been raising Harry. Sirius never went to Azkaban. Their lifestyle leaves a lot be desired however. In this story Sirius and Remus are not nice people. They support themselves through petty theft and are the neighborhood bullies. They also happen to live in the same town as Severus. In spite of how his rough upbringing Harry has a higher moral compass that expected and strives to do his best. This is not well received by his guardians. One day Severus finds Harry (any time pre or during Hogwarts) sleeping in his garage and reluctantly decides to help Harry. The road ahead is difficult but eventually they develop a good relationship. The background for this challenge is based loosely on some scenes from the movie The Best of Me (based on a book by Nicolas Sparks) like when Dawson sleep in the car, when he says he ran into a tree, his relationship with Tuck, and his general home situation. Please free to use any scenes as inspiration-other than the ending!!
Summary: Hogwarts is shut down due to a pandemic and students will sent home and be homeschooled. A certain set of guardians refuse to take Harry back in fear of getting Dudley sick. A teacher is assigned to take Harry with him home. They arrive at Spinner's End, and let the fun begin. Can take place any year.
Summary: The illness is raging at Hogwarts. The school is forced to close. Students are sent home. Wizard families are assumed competent to homeschool their children. The muggle born and raised however will require daily or weekly check-ins by a professor. Needless to say-Severus is assigned to check on Harry. This can be via floo or in person (maybe after Harry doesn't complete any of his work?). What will he discover of the home environment at the Dursley? Will check-ins need to be more frequent?

Requirements: 18+ years old Harry is a teacher at Hogwarts. Subject up to you.

Things to consider:
* Did he want to be a teacher or is he at Hogwarts for some other reason?
* Is he happy there?
* Is Harry a young man or is he older? Does he have a family that lives with him at the school?
* Does Harry already have a pre-established good relationship with Snape? Are they still at odds? Are they a father and son?
* Is Harry just teaching at Hogwarts for a little while or is this his career?
* Is Harry the character we know and love or has he changed in some way for the better or the worse?
* Is Harry just filling in for someone temporarily? Is he actually an auror and he's there on assignment pretending to be a teacher? Is he a teacher in training (apprentice to another teacher), or is he seasoned?
* Are any other kids from Harry's year there teaching?

Just a fun little writing prompt.
Summary: Harry runs away from home when he is younger when Peter comes to him after he wishes upon a star to be taken to a better place. When Dumbledore finally realizes that Harry is missing from his ward detectors (some time must have passed) he assigns Snape to track him down. Snape tracks a magical signature leading away from the Dursley house and is shocked to realize that he recognizes it. You see, he had been to Neverland before as well. He had once wished to be taken away from his horrible home. The only reason that he came back was that Lily followed and brought him back (A la Wendy). Snape must find his way to Neverland and battle the pirates, the lost boys, the fairies, and any number of other Neverland denizens in order to get to know Harry so that he can convince him to come home. Harry only wants a home where someone will love and take care of him like all the other kids, so Snape must convince him that he can provide that home for him, that he can change to become someone Harry can rely on. Think of the movie "Hook" where Snape is the Robin Williams character - but he has it harder as Harry won't know him at the beginning. He not only needs to get to know Harry and allow Harry to get to know him, but he also has to loosen up to allow Harry to trust that he will make a good guardian and will keep his promises.
Summary: Harry has been waiting for ages to die...so he could finally see his Dad again. but When he goes to the underworld, Dad isn't there. He is a lost soul.

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