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Summary: Something in Harry's childhood awoke his abilities as Master of Death (decide for yourself how-- did James collect all the hallows but not know how to make them work or whatever?). Harry enters Hogwarts knowing he's basically indestructible. Show us how it goes!
Summary: To hide Harry, Snape takes him to a magical world… under the sea.
Summary: In the Half-Blood Prince, when Dumbledore, Draco, Fenir, and Bellatrix are at the top of the astronomy tower and Harry is below, Snape motions for Harry to be quiet. What if Snape did what Harry expected him to, and fought the Death Eaters instead of killing Dumbledore?
Summary: Harry is sick and tired of Snape being a git towards him. And as his talking back and angry glares failed to improve the situation, he decides that a new approach is due. Harry shocks the hell out of Snape with his changed behavior. He addresses him respectfully, smiles at him, looks at him cordially. Harry jumps into studying potions really hard and begins to answer questions along with Hermione during classes. All in all, Harry acts as if Snape's his favorite person ever. Snape's annoyed to no end as he now can't have an excuse to belittle Potter to his satisfaction. Gryffindors and even Slytherins watch the battle of wills with amusement and curiosity, waiting to see who will be the winner. Somewhere during this spectacle Harry forgets himself, and Snape's attitude starts to hurt him.
Summary: Harry can play guitar ridiculously well. Up to you who he plays for and when and what song though there can be NO slash between Harry and Snape and there can be NO harry/Ginny not Harry/Hermione (I'd prefer Drarry if you just have to have a relationship involved but it's not necessary)

Does he play for Hogwarts at a concert?
Does he join a musical class at Hogwarts?
Does Harry write his own song or do covers?
Is he confident in his ability or does he think he's trash at it?
Where and how did he learn to play guitar?
Summary: Harry speaks more languages than English and Parseltongue.

* Maybe he learned Spanish in primary school before he came to Hogwarts. Most schools in America actually have begun teaching kids languages at younger ages because it's easier to learn when you're young. Maybe snape also learned Spanish as a kid cause he was raised in the muggle world too. Up to you how their Spanish speaking connection is revealed

* Maybe Harry learned Italian (where and why and how is up to you) and one day he hears Blaise say something in Italian and accidentally responds in Italian *Maybe Harry learned french (where and why and how are up to you) and Malfoy is trying to show how cultured he is and harry says something scathing in French

Whateve language and setting you choose, I'd just really like to see Harry surprise people with speaking another language
Summary: Harry receives a memory journal (like a photo album but contains pensieve memories that can be played in the book without a pensieve; that way Harry can watch them even at the Dursleys); where he got it from is up to you (gift from Lupin, gift from Snape, found in Potter vaults, found in Godrics Hollow etc. Your choice)

Bonus points:
- Draco and Harry are friends
- No OOC Lucius Malfoy-- I think he's a man who sticks to his commitments whether he still likes them or not so I'd prefer if you make him a good Malfoy, he should stay good and vice versa
- Harry must be a good student; he is intelligent
- Harry must be raised by Severus Snape; Severus can be his biological father or have adopted him or be his older brother etc. Just no slash between Harry and Snape!
- No crack fic! I want a serious, well-written, well-thought-out story. Some angst and fluff are okay.
Summary: When Harry accesses Snape's secret memories during the Occlumency lessons, he doesn't see the one of Snape being bullied. He sees one of a friendly interaction between Lily and young Severus, where Severus is clearly in love with Lily. After Snape throws him out, Harry asks Dumbledore if this is why he trusts Snape, which Dumbledore confirms. From then on, Harry defends Snape to everyone who questions his trustworthiness.

Only one year later, when he sees the memory Slughorn modified, Harry realizes there was something wrong with Snape's memory.

When he goes to Dumbledore to warn him, he is told that this sort of thing is common with oft revisited memories and Snape likely idealized Lily a bit after her death. Nothing to worry about.

Only after Voldemort's defeat does Snape admit that in truth, instead of him spying on Lily and ultimately befriending her, it was Lily who walked up to him and asked him to be her friend, and he loved her like a sister. Gaining a friend was the life-changing event that changed his patronus.

Before begging Voldemort to spare her, Severus convinced himself that he was in love with Lily, as that was the only way he could think of defending against Voldemort's legilimency. He then went on to imply to Voldemort that he lusted after Lily and wished to keep her as slave, but without actually saying even just one untrue word.

Bonus if:

  • Harry never goes to the Department of Mysteries and Sirius survives, either because Harry apologizes and Snape teaches him Occlumency, or because Harry trusts Snape after telling him that Sirius is in danger, so after getting rid of Umbridge walks back to the school and finds out Sirius was at home the whole time.
  • but Harry still goes on an adventure that makes him befriend the people who in canon go to the Department of Mysteries with him
  • Severus survives because Harry (or someone else) cares about saving him
  • Harry finds out what Snape told Voldemort in his last battle against Voldemort, from Voldemort himself, and at first is very angry at Snape
  • Luna explains to Harry that Snape must have lied to Voldemort, and why.
Summary: The prophecy says Harry must defeat Voldemort...but it doesn't say when! An incident (your choice) takes him back in time, and he meets his parents. This time travel must result in three things: James Potter must discover his identity, Voldemort must die, and he must gain a new (non-slash) relationship with Snape.
Summary: September, sixth year. Harry is seriously ill. When Voldemort entered his body at the end of the fifth year, Harry's blood cells are damaged, leaving him with lymphoblastic leukemia.
Obviously Severus Snape will take care of Harry during the treatment, realizing that he is not the Spoiled Golden Boy he believed. Their relationship grows stronger and Severus becomes grow fond to our Harry.
But Harry needs a transplant and who will ever be the most compatible donor?
No, not Dudley. And not Ron or even Neville.
Yes, him, Draco Lucius Malfoy, Slytherin, pureblood.
Draco is actually the one who is closest as a relative to the Potters, via the Black line.
As Harry's distant cousin, it is he who could save his life.
Draco will make the right choice, but the path will be long and difficult, as long as he understands the true meaning of Family: a good father and a brother.

- Harry and Draco will become friends first and then thanks to bone marrow donation, they will become blood brothers (Ron is not really happy with this but will accept it)
- Severus adopts both boys
- NO RELATIONSHIPS (Harry is too focused on his illness and recovery)

Sorry for my bad english, but I am Italian and want to improve my English by reading your stories

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