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Summary: A pandemic sweeps across the magical community: the disease strips Wizards and Witches of their magic, some temporarily, others permanently.
Summary: Basically I want two things to happen: (1) 1st year, Harry DOES NOT go check for hermione. Whether she still survives or not is up to you. The troll still comes but Harry doesn't go checking like a reckless idiot (2) 2nd year, Harry does not save Ginny. Whether she's the one in the chamber or it's a different student or she lives or does is all up to you. M only point is yes he's a parselmouth --Bonus if he still has to battle the basilisk-- but he does not rescue Ginny Honestly it doesn't matter if he's dark or the same as canon, or if he's slytherin or whatever. I just want Dumbledores little tests to blow up in his face big-time
Summary: A natural disaster knocks out all magical energy. No one can do magic and nothing magic works. The disaster can last as long as you want, and magic can return, or not return. Your decision.
Summary: Professor Snape realizes why Headmaster Dumbledore shows so much favoritism towards Harry Potter: It is because he expects Harry to die young.

As soon as Snape realizes this, he kidnaps Harry to keep him from Dumbledore's machinations. He won't let Dumbledore allow, or possibly orchestrate Harry's death.
Summary: Harry gets a tattoo over the summer. How does Snape react to seeing the new ink?
Summary: The first thing Voldemort has Quirrell do is to find his beloved snake. Animals and humans go missing at Hogwarts and Harry hears voices that no one else can. What will happen if the trio goes after the snake? What will the toll of thinking he is crazy do to Harry first year?
Summary: The Dursleys, in order to get the wizards off their backs, fake Harry's death. Now they can do whatever they want with him without fear of being turned into toads.
Summary: Harry Potter is a teacher at Hogwarts. Since he has past experience living in the Muggle world, Harry is often sent to visit new prospective students in the Muggle world and their parents. Who should Harry find one day but a miniature Severus Snape.
Summary: Harry dies. (Properly.) Severus brings him back, either temporarily or permanently, for any reason, using any method. Can have any or no consequences.

The fic doesn't have to include the challenge title, but it's there if you want it.

Length and canon setting/compliance open. No slash or character bashing. Otherwise, anything goes.
Summary: Harry is tired. Tired of being the centre of attention, tired of being a puppet to Dumbledore, tired of the constant bullying from Snape and just tired of life. He wants to be someone he is not.

  • Harry is in any year above fourth year as that is when most things in his life go down hill.
  • Harry could be resorted if you so wish.
  • Voldemort is trying to coheres Harry into coming to the dark side. He MUST succeed.
  • Harry MUST show small but notable changes through the story which not many people would pick on, but Snape does.
  • Harry gets Ron and Herminoe to follow him to the dark.
  • Nick names: you can make up the nick names for them but they can`t be obvious to other people other then Harry and the other two.
  • Luna HAS TO BE DARK!
  • This can either be a Luna/Harry or Draco/Harry or even Tom/Harry
  • Snape helps Harry in anyway possible
  • Blaise can either be with Ron, the twins or Hermione
  • You could also mention or have the Dursely's in it.
  • Also Harry HAS to have at least three confrontations with the dark Lord, Either to discuss becoming one or talking about things to do with the order.
  • Harry could hate Dumbledore.
  • The story must include these lines (In any order you wish): "I've become too numb to care." "When I find out who did this they will pay!" "Can we just get on with this, we have lost enough as it is." "The beard wont know what hit him."
Try to avoid:
  • Harry losing his temper too much (He can lose it but only when necessary)
  • Please don`t add confusing things (Like those TIME TUNERS)
  • Dumbledore shouldn`t be suspicious until the later chapters.
  • Harry should be treated, but not by a member of the order or anyone at school, apart from possible Snape and Remus is free to become dark to if you wish.
  • Sirius can either survive his death in fifth year (If you chose doing fifth/ sixth year) and follow Harry or can die.

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