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Summary: A little prompt to start with. :) End of fourth year after the triwizard tournament. Harry is having some thoughts and he receives help from someone unexpected.

It was the end of Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts. The triwizard tournament had finished and Harry had found himself sitting at the top of the astronomy tower. He couldn't keep his mind from drifting to Cedric, and how he wished so much that they had traded places. That Cedric was still here.

Harry looked down at the ground again and slid just a bit closer to the edge. What would happen if he were to accidentally fall? Voldemort was officially back, but was it really his job to take care of the maniac? If he wasn't here then the adults could take care of him. Form once they would have to fight for themselves instead of depend on some kid.

Maybe he should just slide off and fall to a peaceful end. Harry slid just a bit further forward and continued to look down at the great drop.

If he fell he wouldn't have to go back to the Dursley's home. Falling was looking more appealing by the moment. 

As he slid just a bit further forward to fall off the edge a hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed his arm.
Summary: So, suffice to say, Harry, after literally 10-11 years of physical and psychological abuse, should probably be able to repress his emotions and avoid thinking of things he doesn't want to. Thus, Harry, when he is pushed into Occlumency lessons, is quite the natural. Maybe he's even been unintentionally using it since before he learned about the wizarding world.
Summary: What if the Dursleys managed to "squeeze the magic" out of Harry, but in the proccess made Harry an Obscurus? Who will be there to save him and bring him back to being a regular boy, or will Harry be doomed to follow the fate of Credence Barebone?
Summary: Hogwarts professors take turns supervising the students during recess times. On several occasions Snape finds Harry severely underdressed for the weather. Will he keep getting the boy in trouble, or eventually look deeper into the issue?
Summary: Not actually a crossover, but a Harry Potter version of Once Upon a Time, with all the HP characters together in a Muggle town with no magic and no memories of who they are, until the curse is broken. Just the show concept really, no need to try and mirror the show's plotlines.
Summary: Snape and Harry goes traveling abroad to other countries, experiencing other wizarding cultures.

They could just go to one other country, or several.

The reason for their leaving the UK could be anything; perhaps it is to escape the hype around Harry being the boy who lived? Or perhaps Snape is being threathened because of his background as a death eater? Or perhaps it is for educational purposes?

Bonus points if including minority cultures.
Summary: Severus falls back into old habits. Somehow Harry is involved helping him out of them.

Idea 1: After discovering the Dursleys/Umbridge/someone else is/has been hurting Harry, Severus kills them.

Idea 2: Dumbledore lets Severus take the DADA post, but his fears of it bringing back out Severus' dark side are proved correct.

Idea 3: Voldemort discovers Severus is a traitor, but rather than instantly kill him, decides to try and turn his loyalty back.

Idea 4: Dark magic is an addictive substance. Severus has been using some sort of drug to control his cravings, but now there's a problem with the supply.

Or anything else you can think of!

Any category and point in canon goes. No Dumbledore bashing. No slash. No dark!Harry.

Bonus points for a story involving more than one of the ideas. Extra bonus points for one involving all four!
Summary: When Harry delves into the Pensieve during Occlumency, he sees a different memory.
Summary: Harry and/or Severus is turned into a Niffler.
Summary: Take any line and/or quote from a movie or series and write a story from it. Bonus if the line originally came from the Harry Potter series but is used in a very different manner.

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