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Summary: There is a spell on an office in Hogwarts that guides children in bad home situations to that specific spot at certain specific dates and times of the year. This spell is only active when the castle judges that a worthy Head of House who will help the children is available. It compels that Head to select that specific office and to be there during those specific dates and times. There are times when no head is worthy &/or has the power/inclination to protect those children, so the office isn't used. During Snape's years as a student, this was the case.

When Snape becomes a head-of-house, the castle has judged him, after years of living within her walls, to be the next successor to this protection spell. At first, Snape can't figure out why he has a desire to be in his office at those specific times and why random students keep showing up there with no specific purpose in mind. Then he starts to see a pattern. He rebels a bit, surely the castle has chosen wrongly. But he can't let the problems go, he has to help these children, just as he wished someone would have helped him.

Imagine his surprise when Harry Potter is one of the students that shows up during those special office hours...
Summary: What if the sorting of the first years wasn't in alphabetical order? Imagine it was in reverse alphabetical order, or by birthday or by magical ability or by just random numbers. How would this change which house people end up in? Would Harry ask for "not Slytherin" if he didn't know that Draco was going there? This change doesn't just affect Harry's year. It's been going on for ages. How would it have affected Lily and Severus' years? Pick whatever place to start. The only change is the order of the people under the hat.
Summary: Harry dies in the graveyard during the TriWizard championship. An Avadra Kedavra kills the Horcrux in his head and momentarily kills him as well. Snape comes to collect his dead body and discovers he’s alive.
Summary: In his old age, Harry somehow is placed back in time as a pre-Hogwarts child, but not as himself. He is horrified to discover that he is in place of Tom Riddle. He has to choose whether he will follow history or make other decisions.


-After a couple of decades, Harry, now an adult, runs into a young Severus Snape.

-Or Snape also gets reincarnated as a person at the same time, he can be an adult, teen, or child.

-Or something else.
Summary: Snape decides to use polyjuice and takes Harry’s place as fourth champion in the TriWizard Tournament.
Summary: Someone is trapped in a painting. Bonus if it’s Harry, and Snape trapped him.
Summary: Eileen is alive and lives close to the Dursleys. She has some type of relationship to Severus where they write letters or occasionally talk. She keeps going on about the poor boy from the neighborhood, always willing to help with yard/housework, always hungry, seems abused or neglected-but so sweet. Severus thinks she might be getting a bit demented in her old age. When Severus finally comes to visit over the summer he discover the identity of the mystery boy- Harry Potter. Can take place any time, or over several years.
Summary: Harry Potter finds a time turner in his dad's vault --he was james potter, of course he's got some illegal stuff in there!-- and decides he's going to meet his parents. He promises himself he won't screw anything up, he just wants to meet them..... But he's Harry Potter so plans go awry pretty quickly. ----- harry must arrive somewhere public ----- he must actually speak with the marauders, lily, and snape. Whether he had a good interaction with them is up to you ----- his true identity must be revealed. Not at the end either, I dislike when something like that isn't revealed until the end of a story. But feel free to build up to it with some angst --- bonus if the marauders and snape are all unsure which of them is harry's father. Lol I can imagine sirius, james and snape hexing each other and pointing out crazy stuff. "He doesn't have fleas Black he can't be yours" ... "Well his nose isn't sniffing the ground Snivellus he's not yours!" (You do NOT have to put that lol it's just an exactly of how funny I think this story could be)
Summary: Albus Dumbledore loves music.
Music brings people together.
He decides to set up a choir at Hogwarts, to ensure that the houses strengthen the union between them.
He then calls the Weird Sisters to teach the students singing.
However, not all students will be chosen to be part of the school choir.
Many are good but 2 second (or third, the choice is yours) year have an extraordinary voice: Harry James Potter and Draco Malfoy.
The members of the Sisters decide to make the choir compete with the other European schools (magical and / or not, the choice is yours) in a competition and to make both boys become the main voices.
The 2 kids will have to put aside their struggle to make the choir work and try to win the competition.
To practice they will have to live practically 24 hours a day together and guess who will be their guardian?
-Harry is not at all happy to enter the contest, as he hates popularity. Draco will be the one to convince him.
-Harry and Draco obviously become very close friends. NO SLASH.
-Severus will discover the physical, verbal and mental abuse that the two children suffered in their childhood.
-A song will be the one that will make Harry and Draco understand the true meaning of FAMILY and it will be the one they will bring into the competition.
-Both boys have the same lines to sing. Song chosen by you.
-The choice is yours whether they will win or finish in second place.
-Harry and Draco will be adopted by Severus.

Sorry for my bad english, but I am Italian. I try to learn english reading fanfictions!
Summary: Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix learn how much they've actually hurt Severus when they see him expressing his true emotions.
AU where the Potters survive Voldemort's attack. Ship: Severus x Aurora Sinistra Rules: Severus has to sing or do something creative that helps him express emotions. Severus doesn't know anybody's watching him until it's too late or he finished the activity.

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