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Summary: I guess you've had enough of viruses and pandemics but imagine this: The Wizarding World is often protrayed as quite backward; thus vaccinations were only introduced (as a concept) after Grindelwald's defeat, and many older people (especially lawmakers in the Wizengamot) are against vaccinations as a concept (perhaps due to prejudice against Muggles). Then, an epidemic or a pandemic of a disease breaks out that people could have been vaccinated against, but the vaccine lost its efficacy due to spread in the population and mutations. How does Hogwarts react to this? Or look wider, if you wish.
Summary: Lily sees all of the Maraudersí and Severusí actions before she is thrown back into the past to change things. Eventual Severitus.
Summary: Draco running from the dark mark seeks shelter with the help of the Order, where else would be safer when Hogwarts isn't an option during the summer with Harry Potter of course. Requirements: Draco get the guest bedroom Smart-ish Dursleys try and hide full truths about mistreating Harry Draco doesn't notice how bad it really is for atleast two weeks
Summary: Takes place pre-Hogwarts, elementary school aged Harry. Tobias fathered another child in his drunkenness, so unbeknownst to Severus he had a younger sister. When it is discovered that Harry Potter is mistreated at home this younger sister ends up (through some type of legally binding means) taking the boy in. However, on the same day a terrible accident takes place where she looses her life. Child welfare is able to track down Severus Snape on Spinner's end as closest living relative and drops the boy off there. The small,smoke smelling and outdated house with little food where Snape spends his summers is no where to raise a child, but they have to make due. Harry still hasn't experienced "normal" life and lacks a lot of basics physically and perhaps emotionally. Snape only has experience with the kids from school and not too happy to have a kid dumped on him. The road ahead will not be easy. He may not realize at first though that the unkept kid is Harry Potter.
Summary: "Get me my broom!" Severus said. "My son needs my help."
Summary: Snape is assigned guard duty on Privet Drive one summer, and he finds Harry engaged in an activity he would never have expected.
Summary: Snape has an older brother that takes in Harry from the abusive Dursleys.
Summary: Harry hasn't been well since the middle of 4th year. And as summer came, the abuse of his relatives, and the stress of just.not.knowing made it even worse. This in turn, leaves Harry more upset and angry. And it isn't until the winter holidays that he finally collapses after an argument with Sirius(over how they treated Snape). And a certain potions master finds out, that its not Voldemort thats been messing with Potter, but the untreated stomach ulcer that's slowly been killing him. And it's while they treat him, that they learn some things they didn't know, causing a certain spy to rethink his views on Lily's child.

  • - Ron and Hermione are very protective
  • - Slight Sirius bashing
  • - Protective Molly, Snape, Remus
  • - Good Order/Dumbledore
  • - Abuse from Dursleys+Umbridge found out and dealt with
  • - Harry's smarter than he lets on. Very good in Ancient Runes and Potions.
  • - Dumbledore realizes he has nothing to fear and tells Harry everything
  • - Mentor Snape and Moody
  • - No romance, but if so, then H/HR
  • Summary: Often overlooked, emotional and psychological abuse leave unseen scars that can't always be healed. Severus learns he's one of the major perpetrators and must try to reconcile.

    Required: NO PHYSICAL ABUSE. This fic should focus on the effects of years of emotional/psychological abuse.

    Bonus Points If: You manage some hurt/comfort in there.
    Summary: Something is wrong with the Order of the Phoenix. One by one they begin acting very strangely, losing all their inhibitions and acting on their inner desires before their health is affected too. Is it a prank gone wrong, or is it a more nefarious plot? For some reason Harry and Severus (and possibly one other, if you want - writer's choice who it is) are the only ones unaffected and they must learn to work together to find a solution. *Inspired by Star Trek episode 'The Naked Time' and it's Star Trek: The Next Generation counterpart 'The Naked Now'

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