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Summary: Why does Snape have a brightly-colored child's xylophone hidden away in his desk? Is it new? Old? Broken? What is it doing there, and how did Harry discover it?
Summary: Harry has been adopted by Snape, but there is one thing the Slytherin Head of House had not counted on...his new son's obsession with Xena the warrior princess. Must involve Harry pretending to be a warrior prince and the words: "Bow to your master!"
Summary: Someone has caught a tongueless, clawed frog. It might be from Africa.
Summary: Write one story involving 26 challenges, one from each letter of the alphabet. You must list in the story notes all of the challenges answered in alphabetical order. You may post, add, and change the list as the story is worked on. This challenge may count as either X, Y, or Z. This means that all of the challenges must be included in one story.
Summary: In which a set of old radiographs reveal that which was meant to be kept secret...
Summary: Xanadu: a beautiful idyllic place. Write a story where our favorite duo find their Xanadus. *bonus if you include lots of different people in the story. :D

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