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Summary: You know how Harry is always suspicious at Snape's potions thinking he’ll get poisoned? Well it happened! Just not in the way you’d think. Pretty much Snape gives Harry a potion (for whatever reason) and it’s a normal potion (calming drought for example) but it’s his first time taking it. Turns out he’s highly allergic to at least one ingredient in the potion. Bigger the reaction the better. As Snape is (somehow) the only person around who can help he has to save Harry weather from anaphylactic shock or from hyperventilating due to panicking about hives. Rules: Harry MUST learn to trust Snape again, if it’s a one shot it can be at the end of the story, if it’s multi chapter it must not end when he trusts Snape. It can be in an hour, a day, months however long but he must trust Snape at one point. If you do end up having him trust Snape before the end the story must end with trust, so if you want you can have drama about Harry going back and forth with trusting Snape. Cannot start anytime before summer break after 2nd year. Must not start with Harry being 17. This is gen, no romance. From an outsider's view Harry must be cannon until the start of your story, this means sorted into Gryffindor and appearing to be James and Lily’s son. Whoever is dead when you start stays dead, no one is coming back unless it’s Harry and/or Voldemort. More drama the better just don’t overdo it There must be at least some angst
Summary: This is the end. Summer after the tournament. Their last hope is dead. They will continuing fighting the good fight in Harry’s name. The Dursley’s sold Harry out to Voldemort. It has been over a month since he has been safe, everyone knows he must be dead. Everyone is at the Weasley’s place mourning Harry. Remus and Sirius look dead. Ron and Hermione cling to each other. Dumbledore lost his twinkle. Snape has failed Lily. Moody looks worse than usual. All of a sudden the door bangs open. A thin ratty figure covered in wounds and blood appears. Everyone’s wand is on him but he ignores it. He goes over to Arthur’s liqueur cabinet and grabs the fire whiskey, takes a long pull and looks up. “You wouldn’t believe the week I’ve had.” They recognize the eyes and the voice. He saved himself. But will he survive the trauma? Traumatized but badass Harry. Snarky but concerned Snape.
Summary: After at least one year of knowing and hating each other, some incident causes Harry and Severus to bond and become close enough for an adoption to be planned. But then tragedy strikes--all of Severus' recent memories are erased, leaving him with no recollection of the incident, and once again despising Harry. No Dumbledore bashing!
Summary: Start a story with the sentence "You did what?"
Summary: Harry is mistakenly believed to be dead, some years before Hogwarts. How and why are up to you. With the Boy Who Lived—and more importantly, Lily’s only child—supposedly out of the picture, Severus has been struggling to carry on. Until Harry turns up alive, shortly before he is due to begin Hogwarts.

Must haves:
- Depressed!Snape at the very least.
- A reasonable reaction to Harry being alive—no jumping straight into canon!Snape.
- A realistic explanation for Harry being alive without the wizarding world aware of it
- At some point, Harry discovers (through any means) just how much his ‘death’ affected Severus.

Can haves:
- Preferably a good relationship with Severus from the beginning
- Muggle (not Dursley)-raised Harry
- Mentor Severus, either voluntarily or out of necessity
- Harry spending some time at Hogwarts prior to the start of term

Can’t haves:
- Harry having a perfect childhood—he can have a nice family by all means, but angst too, please.
- Horcruxes
- Slash
- Character bashing
- Manipulative/uncaring/not-very-nice!Dumbledore
Summary: Snape becomes Harry's head of house, either of Gryffindor or it can be a new house if the four house system is annulled and replaced. This must take place any time after first year (not at the original sorting). Snape needs to be a strict, parental, and responsible head of house who really looks after his charges. He must help Harry especially some way. Harry could for example be: raped, abused, depressed, cutting himself, suicidal etc.
Summary: In honor of the latest "suspended" message when the Potions and Snitches website was down: Harry is suspended from something... school, quidditch, a class, the ministry? What happened, and what role does Snape have in this?
Summary: The Hogwarts' age versions of Lily and Severus have somehow come in contact with Harry and have discovered his situation at home with the Dursleys, with Sirus and/or at Hogwarts.
They desperately attempt to protect, to guide, and to change the child's future and parentage. Now only if they could get an older Severus to help them.

During Sirius’s rescue in PoA, something goes wrong. Sirius still escapes but several days later Aurors come to arrest Hermione Granger and Harry Potter for aiding the fugitive, while Dumbledore is suspected too. The catch – somebody has seen them.

Now Harry and Hermione are expecting a trial while most of the world has turned against them. They are forbidden all contact with Dumbledore and several others; the lawyer appointed to them by the Ministry is uninterested and their only chance is in the one visitor they are allowed to choose from a special list. After a lot of arguing, they choose Snape (one of the three Hogwarts teachers there). Will Snape be able to find the person who tipped of the Ministry? Will he be able to overcome his hate for Sirius, prove his innocence and save the Gryffindoors before it is too late?

Bonus points:

1) Umbridge + Skeeter in any forms

2) Sirius X Severus confrontations, with eventual peacemaking

3) The reactions of their classmates and the wizarding world (who hate Sirius as the Death-Eater he supposedly is)

4) Harry +Hermione learns about Snape being a Death Eater after choosing him

5) The abusive-Dursleys situation is somehow presented at the court

6) Dementors and emotional distress :)

Summary: Harry is somehow responsible for Severus Snape going to Azkaban for a crime that he did not commit (but that Harry THINKS he did). When the truth finally comes out years later and Snape is released Harry must deal with the consequences.

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