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Summary: Were the flowers affecting everyone this way or only him?
Summary: Harry is considered the "SAVIOR" of the Wizarding world. What would happen if he gave up? Snape must play a significant role in Harry's choice. It would be nice if an adoption took place (hint, hint), but not required for this challenge. Enjoy!
Summary: Harry refuses to allow Snape to control their Occlumency lessons any more...must have a "shifting of power" moment between the two. A touch of Dark Harry would not go amiss, but is not required.
Summary: The only thing that came out of the wand was a "Zap!"
Summary: After a particularly awful detention with Snape, Harry uses Zonko products to exact his revenge. Must have a "mwahaha" moment included.
Summary: Write a story where Snape and Harry go to the zoo in the Wizarding World. You can include the regular animals (penguins, lions, bears, etc), but try to include some new interesting and creative animals.

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