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Summary: Snape asks Harry to pretend to be his son for reasons... all along knowing that Harry is his actual son, and Harry has no clue.
Summary: Harry is forced to serve Umbridge's detentions, even though he didn't do anything to deserve them. He might as well do whatever he wants to deserve them. Maybe irritating other Professors will make them give him detention first. Time to take a page out of the Weasley playbook and cause mayhem.
Summary: Over the years, Harry had come to realize that the best time to get answers out of Aunt Petunia was after a good book club meeting when she was full of Chardonnay, good food and in a contemplative mood. He'd have to time it right, though, as Uncle Vernon and Dudley couldn't be home. This singular mood is how he found out his parents names. How he found out his birthday, and other such important information as when next Aunt Marge would be visiting so he could be scarce.

Once he started to go to Hogwarts, these info sessions got much more interesting. Here is how he found out that his father was a bully, that he was JUST like his mother in his actions and that his aunt couldn't stand him because of it. It was also in one of these sessions that he happened to mention Professor Snape. What he found out changed his life and his perceptions of the world as he knew it dramatically.

CHALLENGE: A story in which Harry finds out Snape's background from Petunia during one of these 'info sessions'. He found out that Snape grew up and was friends with his mother, his father was an alcoholic muggle that abused him, Harry's father bullied him at school, and his mother was a witch (along with any other perceptions Aunt Petunia chooses to share). This can happen in the year of your choosing.

How does this change Harry and Snape's relationship? Does Harry confront Snape? Maybe yell back at him that he's just like his father after one too many times of being compared to his own? Bonus points for a really good characterization of a Chardonnay soused and chatty Petunia.
Summary: What if the sorting of the first years wasn't in alphabetical order? Imagine it was in reverse alphabetical order, or by birthday or by magical ability or by just random numbers. How would this change which house people end up in? Would Harry ask for "not Slytherin" if he didn't know that Draco was going there? This change doesn't just affect Harry's year. It's been going on for ages. How would it have affected Lily and Severus' years? Pick whatever place to start. The only change is the order of the people under the hat.
Summary: When Harry is under the sorting hat chanting "not Slytherin," it reads his desire to learn everything about the wizarding world above his bravery and sorts him into Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor. (Remember that he was into reading all his books after he went shopping.) How does that change things? How does Snape treat him differently? Would he still make friends with Hermione, Ron? Will he still be hostile with Draco without Ron to egg him on? How does this change things with a Harry that is in the quieter and more studious house?
Summary: Snape is chaperoning the Wizarding Duelling Tournament (think Spelling Bee field trip). Harry Potter is of course the Hogwarts participant/representative. There could be other students coming from Hogwarts too. They are forced to live in close quarters. Bonus if Harry also finds himself in some trouble or is experiencing anxiety/duress.
Summary: Pre-Hogwarts. The Dursleys are closing out the old Evans estate. They of course have not a care in the world for where Harry goes and let him wander. He makes it over to the river and falls in. Snape, not even he would be so cruel as to let a child drown, pulls him out. Harry can be any age before Hogwarts. What happens the rest of the day as Snape is forced to take care of the boy the rest of the day. Does he feed him? Give him a change of clothes? Meet the Dursleys? Find out that the boy is neglected? It can be be a one-shot or not. Bonus: Does Harry remember the man that rescued him when he comes to Hogwarts?
Summary: Harry dies in the graveyard during the TriWizard championship. An Avadra Kedavra kills the Horcrux in his head and momentarily kills him as well. Snape comes to collect his dead body and discovers hes alive.
Summary: Snape knows his headache potions well because he almost constantly uses them.
Summary: Basically, Lily and James Potter did not die that night in Godrics Hollow. Instead, they assumed their muggle aliases: Petunia and Vernon Dursley. --- It's up to you whether Dudley still exists. It's up to you whether Lily ever had a real sister named Petunia (maybe she did and Petunia died or maybe she never had a sister in the first place) It's up to you if Sirius and Remus and Dumbledore ever knew about Lily and James' escape plan or if they didn't trust anyone and kept it a secret. There should be no cupboard or starvation or abuse of course. But the caveat is, these "Dursleys" still want to be normal. They can't imagine letting the wizarding world (and Voldemort) find out they and Harry are Still alive. But they've gone a lot of years without using magic-- what can they do to stop whats coming? So what happens when Dumbledore sends snarky Professor Snape to give Harry his Hogwarts letter at 11 and make sure he knows he's meant to attend? ** could be a fun one shot or a full story if you like. Just an idea that flew into my head. Snape and Harry must be in the story obviously but I don't care what kind of relationship you give them

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