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Summary: Severus receives a letter meant for someone else (probably Harry, or the letter is about him in some way,) The choice is yours, one-shots are preferred.
Summary: Sitting in the hospital waiting room Harry gazed up at the ceiling clutching his right wrist with his other hand. It hurt, a lot.

In fact, his whole body hurt right now, but his wrist and foot, which he knew was swelling up in his too-small shoe, hurt the most. He had lots of broken bones through the years, but having so many at once had brought him here to the hospital. The guy in the cab hadn't even tried to charge him for the ride, not that he had any money.

With that thought, Harry closed his eyes and continued to think about his horrible day, but his thoughts were interrupted by someone calling his name. Was it his turn already? Harry opened his eyes and started to get up, but stopped when he saw the familiar worried eyes of Arthur Weasley.

*this is just a start, itís up to you to tie in Snape!
Summary: Albus Dumbledore loves music.
Music brings people together.
He decides to set up a choir at Hogwarts, to ensure that the houses strengthen the union between them.
He then calls the Weird Sisters to teach the students singing.
However, not all students will be chosen to be part of the school choir.
Many are good but 2 second (or third, the choice is yours) year have an extraordinary voice: Harry James Potter and Draco Malfoy.
The members of the Sisters decide to make the choir compete with the other European schools (magical and / or not, the choice is yours) in a competition and to make both boys become the main voices.
The 2 kids will have to put aside their struggle to make the choir work and try to win the competition.
To practice they will have to live practically 24 hours a day together and guess who will be their guardian?
-Harry is not at all happy to enter the contest, as he hates popularity. Draco will be the one to convince him.
-Harry and Draco obviously become very close friends. NO SLASH.
-Severus will discover the physical, verbal and mental abuse that the two children suffered in their childhood.
-A song will be the one that will make Harry and Draco understand the true meaning of FAMILY and it will be the one they will bring into the competition.
-Both boys have the same lines to sing. Song chosen by you.
-The choice is yours whether they will win or finish in second place.
-Harry and Draco will be adopted by Severus.

Sorry for my bad english, but I am Italian. I try to learn english reading fanfictions!
Summary: Snape and Harry suddenly find themselves in an alternative reality where Lily is alive, and James and Harry are dead.
Summary: Poppy Pomfrey, school Medi-Witch is an under utilized character. Write a story involving Snape and Harry where Poppy saves the day.
Summary: Any main character (preferably Snape or Harry) is an animagus (legal or not).
Summary: Harry is sick and tired of Snape being a git towards him. And as his talking back and angry glares failed to improve the situation, he decides that a new approach is due. Harry shocks the hell out of Snape with his changed behavior. He addresses him respectfully, smiles at him, looks at him cordially. Harry jumps into studying potions really hard and begins to answer questions along with Hermione during classes. All in all, Harry acts as if Snape's his favorite person ever. Snape's annoyed to no end as he now can't have an excuse to belittle Potter to his satisfaction. Gryffindors and even Slytherins watch the battle of wills with amusement and curiosity, waiting to see who will be the winner. Somewhere during this spectacle Harry forgets himself, and Snape's attitude starts to hurt him.
Summary: Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix learn how much they've actually hurt Severus when they see him expressing his true emotions.
AU where the Potters survive Voldemort's attack. Ship: Severus x Aurora Sinistra Rules: Severus has to sing or do something creative that helps him express emotions. Severus doesn't know anybody's watching him until it's too late or he finished the activity.
Summary: Severus is exceptionally glad to be away from Hogwarts for Christmas this year, because it's been one heck of a term. Most of the students had gone home so he was able to go home as well since several other staff were staying at the school. Severus is surprised when he hears carolers outside his house singing, especially in his dingy neighborhood. Or is it just one caroler that he hears? He opens the window or front door to see who's out there singing in the dark and is surprised to find Harry Potter, quietly singing himself a sad Christmas song as he sits huddled in the snow trying to keep warm.

Preferably Harry is a 1st or 2nd year.
Summary: Severus is in big trouble. He doesn't have any kids, but he's supposed to be bringing his son to Christmas to meet his family, who he's been estranged from for twelve or thirteen (or more) years. Harry ends up being that pretend son.

Things to think about/ideas:
- Why does Severus need to bring a child to this family get together? Had he lied previously and said he'd had a child? Or was he maybe just embarrassed to be showing up after all these years with no family to call his own?
- How does Severus get Harry to agree to this given their previous animosity? Does he blackmail him into it? Is it some sort of deal for Harry to get out of trouble or many detentions? Does Harry go because he's got nowhere else to go for Christmas? Some other reason?
- What happens over Christmas? Does it go smoothly, or is it a fiasco? Do they come out of this experience not having different feelings about each other, or do they learn to respect each other? Does Snape find out about Harry's home situation during all of this? Does Harry begin to wish that this pretend family was his real family? Lots of things to think about!
- Is Harry a good actor? A bad actor? Does this annoy Severus or is he relieved?

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