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A special welcome to our newest member, kikkoeru.

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What character do you most like to see in Snape and Harry stories?

Lucius Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy 11%
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 25%
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore 11%
Alastor Moody
Alastor Moody 1%
Minerva McGonagall
Minerva McGonagall 6%
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin 22%
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley 5%
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 6%
Other canon character
Other canon character 8%
Original character
Original character 1%

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All I Want For Christmas by JAWorley (T)
It's Severus' turn to round up Christmas strays this year, and though he doesn't...
Wishing on a Miracle by That_One_New_Pokemon (T)
On Christmas Eve, Harry makes a mistake that nearly costs him his life, and...
Mr. Pookie by starangel2106 (K)
This is a holiday fic featuring one Mr. Potter and Mr. Pookie.
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If Severus could just keep Harry from dying in the night, then maybe they could...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. We are dedicated to enjoying the well-known favourites and finding the new. You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive. MA rated fics are not allowed on this site, nor is SS/HP slash. 

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Hello everyone!

We just want to wish everyone a wonderful rest of the year and a Happy New Year!  

Also if you have a holiday story we can't wait to read them...however we didn't do a fest so just go ahead and post any stories you have.  Anyone have ideas for fests next year let us know.


starangel2106 on 15 Dec 2016 1:09 am [1 Comments]
Halloween Fest

Not Sept. 1st...but close enough?

 Halloween Fest...

Prompt:  Rituals gone Wrong. There's some powerful ritual that [character of your choice] is doing on Halloween in order to [be creative] but it goes wrong. Why? What were the unexpected consequences?

 Thanks to Eihwaz Ehwaz for the prompt.

 If you do not wish to use the prompt, feel free to write a story of your choice that features a Halloween theme.   

 Submission requirements TBA.  

starangel2106 on 11 Sep 2016 1:34 am [0 Comments]
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Most Recent
I Need You by Always1027 (16+)
After the third task of the Triwizard Tournament, life in Privet Drive is even...
Youth Is The Gift Of Nature by beargirl1393 (K)
Due to a Potions accident, both Severus Snape and Remus Lupin have been de-aged...
Seasons of Love by Stump_Pan (T)
How different would things be if Snape went to pick up Harry instead of Hagrid?...
Not an Ordinary Summer by Hopeless_SilverFox (T)
With the fall of Voldemort, Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, and Remus...
Carcass by Merope_Malfoy (16+)
In the summer before his sixth year, Harry ventures outside the blood wards...

Story of the Moment
A Very Merry Snape Christmas by Lady Lanera T
Snape and his family celebrate Christmas the only way they know how, very strangely. Includes a reindeer, Grinch, grumpy four-year-old, and lots of family love. *Set in Sword of Slytherin universe*

Mellow Moon
02/26/17 03:15 am London Time
I am too! And he's awesome.
02/26/17 03:13 am London Time
yep. I just love animals, but feel more than two is a bit much. Glad you got a new furry though. :D
Mellow Moon
02/26/17 01:31 am London Time
I know what you mean - lost loved ones can't be replaced, human ones or furry ones.
02/25/17 05:41 pm London Time
for clarififcation not to replace, just because I know a cat who needs a home and my dad mentioned possibly giving his dog away
02/25/17 05:33 pm London Time
Aw Mellow, yay. cute name. My oldest passed on Tuesday. I have my baby still, but am debating taking in my dad's dog or getting another cat. My baby isn't as cuddly as my older one was.
Mellow Moon
02/25/17 02:23 pm London Time
He's a goof, and really really sweet. LOUD rumbly purr.
Mellow Moon
02/25/17 02:22 pm London Time
Adopted him from the local humane society. They named him Churchill, which is the name i'm sticking with. He's a long haired tabby, about a year and a half old.
02/25/17 05:58 am London Time
That's awesome Mellow Moon - what's his/her name? Tell us everything! :-D
02/25/17 01:54 am London Time
Glad to hear it, Mellow Moon. Cats are great company. We have two.
Mellow Moon
02/24/17 11:07 pm London Time
Yay! I'm a cat owner again! My last furry friend died in November. Feels good to have one in the house again.
02/24/17 09:35 am London Time
Thank you! Much appreciated! :)
02/24/17 12:43 am London Time
Sorry Merope! It should be showing now
02/24/17 12:00 am London Time
i love raspberries!
02/23/17 01:27 pm London Time
Hi there, I was just wondering how long it usually takes for a new chapter to be moderated? I updated my story over a week ago, but it hasn't yet validated. How would I know if there is a problem?
Mellow Moon
02/23/17 10:48 am London Time
**Throws raspberries at roving shrub**
02/23/17 06:00 am London Time
Aww, thanks watercrystals! :) We love to have you!
02/23/17 01:20 am London Time
Safe! 😊 Unless you get ... accosted ... by a roving shrub... *snickers*
02/22/17 11:26 pm London Time
You guys are all right ;-)
02/22/17 11:26 pm London Time
Everyone is so nice and supportive, which in this day and age of the internet is a really big deal. It's like a very safe place here and I love it. Just wanted to say how happy I am to be back.
02/22/17 11:25 pm London Time
I want to take a moment to really appreciate this site and community here. Even if I've been away for a while, you all welcome me back as if I never left.
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