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Milky Tea by myramcqueen (K)
Severus Snape knew a great many things about his adopted son. Entry into the...
Safeguard by MagnificentAndStrange (T)
Sometimes surviving means more than withstanding what is fated to occur. Sometimes...
21 Minutes by Vee (K+)
Trapped in a safe house after fleeing from Voldemort, Harry has exactly 21 minutes...
A Miserable Christmas by LaileeJane (K)
Harry thought having detention with Umbridge over his winter holidays were bad...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories†exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter.†You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive.†MA rated fics are not allowed on this site,†nor is SS/HP slash (SS/HP romantic or sexual content). Gen means nonslash.

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Winter Fest Winners
It's time to award our 2021 Winter Fest Winners. The story points are as follows:

In first place with 36 points is†A Miserable Christmas by LaileeJane!

In second place with 29 points is†21 Minutes by Vee!

In third place with a tie of 16 points each is Milky Tea by myramcqueen and Safeguard by MagnificentAndStrange!

All winners will have their stories given featured status on the site.

Our top authors based on points are as follows:

LaileeJane 48, Vee† 29, MellarkandArt 24, Air_Is_Here 22.

Congratulations to all participants for a good effort and a job well done.
Jan_AQ on 01 Apr 2022 8:21 am [3 Comments]
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Bluebirds and Birthday Candles by TheTransfiguredCanary (T)
It only took a moment for the world as Harry knew it to crumble. For everything...
Spiral of Despair by Henna Hypsch (16+)
A year after Voldemort’s death, Harry and Snape have reached a brittle...
Barely Functioning, Deeply Loved by krosi (K)
When six-year-old Harry Potter finds floo powder while cleaning the fireplace...
Soul of Death by DeathAngel (16+)
Severus has seen many a kind of strangeness in his years of life. However, none...
Time to Choose by RitaRevenant (K)
Harry finds himself having to unravel a mystery across time when he is forced...

Story of the Moment
Stars and Midnight Blue by Ponytail Goddess T
Severus relives several Christmases after ingesting a very special piece of candy.

09/25/22 01:26 pm London Time
Not super-sharp (this phone is superior to all its predecessors, EXCEPT for zoomed pics), but the outline shows clearly HAWK, not buzzard! Makes me smile! 😊
09/25/22 06:06 am London Time
that's cool! Was it a good resolution of the hawk?
09/24/22 05:13 pm London Time
...but when I zoomed in, WHOA!!! A HAWK SOARING through the sky! Perfect angle, wings and tail at full spread... And I wasn't even trying to take its picture! Happy accident at its best! 😊
09/24/22 05:12 pm London Time
...but when I zoomed in, WHOA!!! A HAWK SOARING through the sky! Perfect angle, wings and tail at full spread... And I wasn't even trying to take it's picture! Happy accident at its best!
09/24/22 05:10 pm London Time
And then there are better days... Was looking thru old photos on cell phone & one landscape pic had speck in upper left part of sky; thought dirt on camera...
09/12/22 09:54 am London Time
Wow that's crazy! Stressful!
09/09/22 11:53 am London Time
Wow thatís quite the ordeal, in recent months I became so anxious about card and online security Ö and this just confirms my fears!
09/07/22 12:20 pm London Time
(Lesson learned: In future, ALWAYS pay legit charges BEFORE cancelling card with fraudulent charges!!! Hope that info might help somebody else out... 😺)
09/07/22 12:18 pm London Time
(Apparently the ERROR msg stayed on cmptr for 13 days while they were resetting security on my acct after issuing new card. Cldnt pay old balance during that period. Guh.)
09/07/22 12:14 pm London Time
I literally shouted, "WHAAATTTTT???!!!" She apologized for misspeaking! But still... THAT nearly sent me over the edge. MAN!!! Yeah, I needed to de-stress. 🐢
09/07/22 12:11 pm London Time
...The ERROR msg finally disappeared from bank cmptr, and cust service was able to process my pymt via phone, only she wanted me to confirm $4000+ instead of $400 pymt!!! 😲
09/07/22 12:07 pm London Time
...WORST of all--trying repeatedly to pay my legit charges for that month, which I FINALLY succeeded doing 5 days PAST due date because of cmptr "ERROR" situation at bank...
09/07/22 12:04 pm London Time
😁 Not at all! In my case, a 2-week ongoing saga of finding fraudulent charges on credit card statement, cancelling card, getg new card issued, waiting for it to arrive, but...
09/07/22 07:39 am London Time
Reading is always good for destressing... unless what you are reading is causing the stress!
09/06/22 01:46 am London Time
*tries to de-stress... 😳*
08/31/22 03:51 am London Time
Awwwww, thank you :)
08/29/22 06:26 pm London Time
I would love to see a story, or update, where Harry has to call Snape "Daddy" or they play a part to that end like in Muggleville by JanAQ
08/23/22 11:55 am London Time
Seriously! Last year, August had 117 days... went on FOREVER! But this year, August has flown by! 😁
08/22/22 04:51 am London Time
Can't believe it's almost September already!
08/03/22 04:40 am London Time
Though itís hot, the rain is nice ☔️
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