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James Potter-Master of Death by Cayj
Summary: What if (1) James potter already had the stone, cloak and wand-- he's already the master of death (2) voldemort goes after them to get the hallows, not because of the prophecy (3) lily dies but james and harry survive And (4) james potter didn't trust the manipulative old headmaster dumbledore with the twinkly eyes who keeps trying to borrow his cloak (thank merlin the wand was a family secret!) Questions to consider: (1) does james still fight with the order now that lily is dead? (2) why couldn't james save lily too? (3) is snape still a spy or full on death eater? (4) what lengths is Dumbledores willing to go to to get his hands on the hallows? *Must feature child harry for at least one or two chapters!*

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