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Title: A New Schedule 13 Feb 2014 12:47 pm
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    Nice! I like it. The classes are interesting to me, and Harry and Gan have me wanting to meditate! Thanks for the update! Great story.
Title: A New Schedule 13 Feb 2014 11:48 am
Reviewer: wolf1 (Signed) [Report This]
    Just wanted to let you know I absolutely love this (and most of your others) story!!!! Please please please update again soon - I can't stand the suspense!!!!!
Title: A New Schedule 13 Feb 2014 9:04 am
Reviewer: ThoughtsOfAnInsomniac (Signed) [Report This]
    I love this story so far!!
    The amount of angst is awesome and i hope there is more of it to come!!
    Your idea of this school is amazing too!!!
    I hope you keep updating at this speed!!
    Love your writing!!
Title: A New Schedule 13 Feb 2014 8:57 am
Reviewer: Lilyflower5 (Signed) [Report This]
    cool loved this chapter
Title: A New Schedule 13 Feb 2014 7:19 am
Reviewer: lirio de amor (Signed) [Report This]
    I enjoy how much description you out into this story. Excellent job! I loved it, as every other chapter!:)
Title: A Day Without Rain 10 Feb 2014 10:44 pm
Reviewer: JB (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Really enjoying the story so far and am looking forward to the next chapter!
Title: A Day Without Rain 06 Feb 2014 1:51 am
Reviewer: crotia (Signed) [Report This]
    that's nice
Title: In The Darkness... 06 Feb 2014 1:35 am
Reviewer: crotia (Signed) [Report This]
    I love this
Title: From The Inside Out 06 Feb 2014 12:59 am
Reviewer: crotia (Signed) [Report This]
    I just can't stop
Title: Professor Horrible 06 Feb 2014 12:43 am
Reviewer: crotia (Signed) [Report This]
    Ah, poor Harry

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