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Top 10 Challenges
Summary: Write a Christmas fic! This will archive Christmas stories galore, all the stories throughout the years at P&S.
Summary: Halloween is like THE Harry Potter holiday! Please consider trying to write and share a Snape and Harry Gen Halloween story on one of the groups the week of Halloween. It doesn't have to be long or amazing, a little story or one-shot would be great.

This challenge will list all of the Halloween stories throughout the years.
Summary: Write a short story or one-shot where Harry throws a snowball at Professor Snape's head!

Options: It can be intentional or an accident, taking place inside or out. The story can take place during any year or book.
Summary: The ULTIMATE Fic challenge... like a mini fic-fest for those of us craving one at the moment.

Write five one shots (each AT LEAST 2,500 words or more), and submit separately. No super short fics. New fics only... none written before date this challenge is posted (12/19/2011).

Choose five of the following categorizes/prompts to write on (or choose multiple for each fic):

1) Your choice
2) Mourning
3) Seeing the sunrise
4) Up at all hours of the night
5) Discovering the truth about Harry (or Snape)
6) Revolving around one of the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, or winter)
7) Unlikely allies
8) Strange connections
9) Magical beings (creatures... vampires, werewolves, etc etc)
10) Severus sees Harry break down in one fashion or another (exploding or crying or something)
11) Write about a holiday of choice
12) Write based off of a sentence found at the HP Idea Generator: http://hpideagen.blogspot.com/
13) Write based off of a song of your choice
14) A fic where Harry blows up at Snape and or confesses to him some very private things
15) Angst to the max
16) Fluff to the max
17) Sorrow to the max
18) Someone is having a panic attack
19) Someone is having a heart attack
20) Severus cries
Summary: Your goal is to write a story of any length with any characters including Harry and Severus that responds to 2 or more challenges at the same time.

Bonus if you use 3 challenges in your story. Super bonus if you can use 4 or more.

Be sure to list all of your challenges in your story!

This challenge is meant to get people using up some of those challenges!

Be sure to go all the way back in the archives of challenges to get some good ideas!
Summary: During breakfast Hedwig delivers mail to Snape, much to Harry's confusion. Why is his owl delivering mail to Snape of all people?
Summary: Harry gets up one morning and begins to make breakfast. Hearing a noise at the door he cautiously goes to investigate - to find a battered Snape collapsed on the doorstep. What happened to Snape, why is he in Harry's neighborhood, and what in Merlin's name is Harry going to do with him?
Summary: In an effort to make them get along, Dumbledore locks Snape and Harry in a classroom for 72 hours. What do these two talk and/or think about during these three days and three nights? Make some mention of Harry's nightmares and/or the Dursleys.
Summary: Harry is being abused by any teacher of Hogwarts and rescued by Snape. It could be Umbridge or Lockhart or any other likely candidates.
Summary: Write a fic in which Severus Snape actually accepts Dumbledore's offer of a lemon drop. You can use any reason you wish, but he must actually put it in his mouth. Have fun! :-)

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