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“You will both play your parts as you were instructed,” Snape said sternly. “Any indication of your true identities could jeopardize the plan and put us all in danger.”

“And what exactly is the plan?” Harry asked sarcastically. “It’s not exactly like you’ve shared that with us.”

“You will watch your tone boy,” Snape said dangerously. “You are at my mercy at the moment, so if I were you, I’d be a little more cooperative.”

Harry reined in his temper. “It would be much easier to play our parts, sir, if we were to know what you expect from us.”

“He’s right Severus. Perhaps we should let them in on what we are trying to accomplish, otherwise they might inadvertently make the Dark Lord suspicious.”

"Very well," he conceded reluctantly, "But one step out of line," he threatened, "and you will live to regret it, understood?"

Harry and Hermione nodded quickly. 

Snape revealed as much of the plan as he felt was strictly necessary to keep the duo from inadvertently placing them all in danger. 

Harry felt as though he was in an alternate universe; one that was bizarre and terrifying, and he really really hoped that it would end very soon, or he would wake up from this nightmare.

The evil gleam in Snape's eyes, however, soon put that wish to rest, as it looked like the Potion Master, was enjoying this way too much. 

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