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Summary: Someone has to pick up the pieces of Harry's broken soul. Severus just never expected to be the one to do it.


The one where Harry actually has a friend growing up, and suddenly being a wizard doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

Story Notes:
This story will be told in both Harry and Severus' POV. We start with Severus, who is in the present, (for the most part, anyway, as the story is still set in the 90s as usual) and then Harry's POV will be set in the past. More in-depth trigger warnings: BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!
I will also try to add warnings to individual chapters. I may update this list at any given time while writing the story.

Abusive Dursleys: The physical and emotional abuse warnings apply here, along with neglect! Non-graphic violence for the most part, more of the aftermath and recovery of such actions.

Sexual Abuse/Rape: this does not apply to Harry or Snape, nor will it be graphic. It will, however, be heavily implied and discussed at some points.

Romance/Het: Romance is not the main point of this fic, but it will play a role. I feel that the friendship between two characters is the main point, along with recovery following long-term trauma, but there may be a chapter or two late in the fic solely focused on romance. Still, mostly platonic relationships.

Charater Death: I don't wish to spoil this but I'm sure you will soon easily guess who this applies to. It does not, however, apply to Harry nor to Snape. I could never.

Alcohol and drug use: I am still in the process of writing this story, but I feel that these tags will eventually apply in later chapters.

Suicide Themes: There will be a suicide attempt late in the story, along with general suicidal thoughts and/or discussion throughout the story.

Bullying: Dudley Dursley.

Profanity: I've found myself cursing quite a bit as of late.
Table of Contents

1. The Beginning (or the end?) by MellarkandArt [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (1301 words) Printer

This WIP is my baby. I have been working on it for many months and I've finally reached the point where I have a legit story outline. Updates will be sporadic, but I have every intention of completing this fic. It will be an emotion-packed journey and I hope that you will enjoy the ride.

2. Alexandra Rose by MellarkandArt [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (3162 words) Printer

Chapter TWs: brief discussion of rape.

3. Come Together by MellarkandArt [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (4893 words) Printer

chapter TWs: heavy implications and discussion of child abuse, physical, sexual, emotional. No graphic scenes, but a couple of uncomfortable moments.

4. Wembley Stadium by MellarkandArt [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (5912 words) Printer

Chapter TWs: light discussion of child sexual abuse, heavy implications of child physical abuse, mentions of blood, mentions of drug and tobacco use

5. Harry’s Descent by MellarkandArt [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3456 words) Printer

6. Conversations in the Night by MellarkandArt [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1209 words) Printer

7. Time Marches On by MellarkandArt [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2422 words) Printer

To be continued...
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