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Summary: Fourth story of “The Reborn” series. During the summer, Dumbledore held an Inter-school potions camp at Hogwarts. Severus, finally abandoned his spy position, had time and agreed with the plan. After reborn, Harry had a sudden passion to potions, his skills accumulated from before and his talent inherited from Lily helped him to become the best student in the camp. But… Harry’s experimental potions soon made him into different kinds of trouble.

What would Severus do when facing a potions prodigy?

AU, CP, Out of Character This story is part of the series, The Reborn. The previous story in the series is The Suitable Distance?.

Rated: K+
Warnings: Out of Character, Physical Punishment Spanking
Series: The Reborn
Challenges: None
Published: 25 Apr 2022 - Updated: 22 May 2022
Story Notes:
Another story in the series, not a must to read the stories ahead, but it will help you to understand the development of Harry and Severus. As usual, the summer holiday stories are more base on my fantasy/imagination.

Quick recap: After the horcrux hunting in the summer, and facing the diary, Harry and Severus got rid of six horcruxes, with only Harry left. Since Severus revealed his identity, and he got more time for recreational events, Dumbledore decided to hold a summer potions camp.

I write fanfics because I really think Snape deserves a happy ending, and because I hope to improve my eng (i usually write in chi). So please review! Thanks for clicking in!!
Table of Contents

1. 1 Summer Camp by Rainstorm [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2247 words) Printer

Chapter Summary: Dumbledore announced Hogwarts will be holding an inter-school potions camp.

Light smacks (not really CP)

2. 2 Ireland by Rainstorm [Reviews - 1] (4476 words) Printer

Chapter Summary: Harry’s first try on experimental potions, the process was fun but the boy ended up in trouble again.

CP in this chapter

3. 3 Polyjuice Potion by Rainstorm [Reviews - 1] (3018 words) Printer

Chapter Summary: Professor Leia came to Severus’ room, and Harry agreed to join the ball with her on behalf of Severus. Of course, he is in deep trouble again.

Smacks, not proper CP though

4. 4 Conference by Rainstorm [Reviews - 1] (3295 words) Printer

Chapter Summary: Harry and Severus had a talk about their relationship, they joined a potions workshop the next day.

5. 5 Love Potion by Rainstorm [Reviews - 0] (2812 words) Printer

Chapter Summary: Harry’s group won the invisible cauldron, and of course he’s up to no good with that gadget. First step of making the love potion!

6. 6 Love Potion 2.0 by Rainstorm [Reviews - 1] (3319 words) Printer

Chapter Summary: Harry finally executed his love potion plan… Would the Potions Master notice?

To be continued...
Rainstorm is the author of 4 other stories. This story is part of the series, The Reborn. The previous story in the series is The Suitable Distance?.
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