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Reviews by starangel2106

With a strange potion, new location and the odd Muggle Studies Professor along for the ride, Harry's in for an interesting summer, but why is Snape here? Dumbledore had better pray he gets all three back in one piece! Humor, Angst, No Mary Sues, No Romance, no real plot.

Takes Place: 6th summer - Snape flavour: Kind Snape, Stern Snape
Tags: Child fic, Deaged!Harry, Deaging, Injured!Harry
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: K+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys
Chapters: 32 - Completed: No - Updated: 17 Jul 2016 / 15 Jan 2005
Series: None - Challenges: None
Title: Chapter 1: The Situation 25 Jan 2005
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    If only he knew what he was in for, to bad I do. ;)

    Author's Response: Heh heh heh. *evil grin* We both do. ;)

Title: Chapter 2: Introducing the Muggle Studies Professor 25 Jan 2005
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    hehe. she is her name. no other words for her. Hoppity is hoppity all the way.

    Author's Response: Hehehe... now do you think more of a frog or a rabbit when you hear that name?

Title: Chapter 3: The Third Party 25 Jan 2005
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    haha. Hoppity mange them. I'm thinking not. And I don't think it got through my head the past two times I read it...but you put colonies...I like. :D

    Author's Response: thankyou! :D

Title: Chapter 4: The Deaging Potion 25 Jan 2005
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    trampolines? ouu fun. you know...once there was a big thunderstorm on a memerial day. My friend and I had planned to go swimming at my one cousins. But as it was raining we weren't suppose to. Only we didn't care and wnet and had fun. A trampoline that's wet is kinda fun. hehe. A wittle Harry! yay!

    Author's Response: You know, when you said a "widdle Harry" I thought you said a "widdle wet Harry"! Hahahaa... that would be cute though...

Title: Chapter 14: Meditation with Snape 10 Mar 2005
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    Nice. Poor Harry. I like the next chapter title. ;) hmm Snape, he should spend time with Harry it'd look 'more' natural. hahah. waiting for more. (rest assured I'll be on your back about it. :D)

    Author's Response: Oh, Snape will. *evil grin*

Title: Chapter 15: Who Hurt Him? 06 Jun 2005
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    Jan I hated it! How could you make such a chapter? ROTFL. no Jan it was good. And now having time to really read it, it was wonderfully written. So now what happens? hm?

    Author's Response: Noooooooo! oh wait, you liked it? *BOP* :P ou, I'm so glad that you thought it was written well. *sigh of relief* But you KNOW what happens next! Why should I tell you? :) (Actually i've forgotten, time to look at the notes!)

Title: Chapter 18: The Visit 25 Nov 2005
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    hehe.  Harry and Snape bondage. lovely!!!  the goats funny. hehe.  it flowed nicely by the way. wonderful!! 

    Author's Response: You mean "Snape and Harry interaction". XD LOL yeah Goats. Thanks so much!

Title: Chapter 19: The Splotches 04 Jun 2006
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    Very cute.  Think I could get a laughing potion? It might help at my house.  wonderfully written.  IT flowed smoothly, hmm anything else you want to know?  The chapter was refreshing (sp?). ;)

    Author's Response: :P If only... Thank you for your comments! :D

Title: Chapter 21: Velveteen Rabbit (Sick Harry) 12 Jul 2006
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    hehe, very cute.  poor Harry. beign sick isn't fun at all.  Not that I know really, as I haven't been sick in a long while. :D 

    Author's Response: Being sick is AWFUL! Really... Thanks for the review!

Title: Chapter 22: Stealing Daisies 29 Sep 2006
Reviewer: starangel2106 (Signed)
    hahaha. the ending is awsome.  Too late. hehe.  I love that.  good job. :D

    Author's Response: thanks! :D

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