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Stories by harrysnapefan
Dumbledore told Harry that he wanted him to let Slughorn collect him. But Harry soon learns that being collected by Slughorn really means. Will he be able to save himself or will he succumb to the man for the greater good? And what does Severus have to do with it all? Was he too 'collected' by Slughorn and will he be able to save Harry before it's too late?

Takes Place: 6th Year - Snape flavour: Angry Snape, Comforting Snape, Kind Snape
Tags: None
Categories: Healer Snape, Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Alcohol Use, Character Bashing, Profanity, Rape, Suicide Themes, Violence
Chapters: 12 - Completed: No - Updated: 20 Jan 2017 / 13 Nov 2014
Series: None - Challenges: None
Harry was determined at a young age to get away from the Dursley's forever and set out to go away to school far away from them. Harry begins attending a very exclusive school in Greece before he can receive his Hogwarts letter. There he receives a good friend in Severus Snape's secret squib son. How will this change the relatonship between him and the potions master in the future? And what happens when Dumbledore finally learns of his location. Will he attend Hogwarts or choose to stay where he is?

Takes Place: 0 - Pre Hogwarts (before Harry is 11), 1st summer before Hogwarts, 1st Year, 2nd summer, 2nd Year, 3rd summer, 3rd Year - Snape flavour: Comforting Snape, Loving Snape
Tags: Adoption, Sibling Addition, Snape-meets-Dursleys
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Neglect
Chapters: 3 - Completed: No - Updated: 22 Nov 2015 / 09 Aug 2015
Series: None - Challenges: Real Brother, Multiple Challenges, Another School
Response to Natural Disaster at Hogwarts challenge. Hogwarts has always been considered the safest place in the magical world, protected from any possible danger. But what happens something no one could've imagined occurs? Something literally Earth Shattering? Will the school, and more important its occupants ever recover? And how will it affect the relationship between Harry and Snape?

Takes Place: 5th Year - Snape flavour: Canon Snape, Comforting Snape, Kind Snape
Tags: Physical Impairment
Categories: Healer Snape, Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Character Death
Chapters: 11 - Completed: No - Updated: 31 May 2013 / 17 Apr 2013
Series: None - Challenges: Natural Disaster at Hogwarts

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