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Summary: Create a non-traditional fanwork that fits the theme of this site!
  • epistolary (letter/journal-entry-based fic)
  • poetry
  • audio script
  • podfic (audio-narrated fanwork)
  • filk (fan song, both to the tune of existing music and with original tune)
  • fanvideo
  • playlist
  • comic/manga
  • bookbinding
  • cross stitch/embroidery
  • sculptures
  • pottery
  • and many others...

For the closer-to-comprehensive list see this website: https://unconventionalfanworkex.dreamwidth.org/14316.html
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Summary: Fifth year, Harry and his friends are riding on thestrals to fly to the Department of Mysteries. They have no saddles, harnesses, ropes, nor other safety measures keeping them on the creatures. During the ride, Harry accidentally falls off his threstral in mid-air. Luckily for Harry, Snape was following them the whole time, flying himself. Snape is close enough to catch Harry before Harry falls to his death.
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Summary: Harry decides to stay at Hogwarts for the summer, with permission or not. He can get into the Chamber of Secrets and hide out there, he's the only one who could get into it. And with Dobby's help he could survive, right?
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During Harry's first year at Hogwarts Dumbledore insists that Harry go home for Christmas. Things don't go as he plans. Will Harry meet someone he doesn't expect that can help him home?

Harry sat alone in the cold winter night on the side of the road with nothing but the clothes on his back. He didn't even have his coat. Hs Uncle had seen to that.

Harry sighed and sat down on a near by bench trying to figure out what to do. His relatives had dumped him here soon after they had picked him up from the train. The Headmaster had thought that they would want to see him for Christmas, he was very wrong. 

Snow started to fall gently on Harry and the young boy wrapped his arms around himself. He needed to find somewhere warm to go first and then he could think of what to do later. With that thought Harry got up still with his arms wrapped around his body and started to walk to the near by town. He hoped that there was a coffee shop or something he could crash in for a bit.

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Summary: Dudley is also a freak! Harry can do magic, but what happens when their precious Dudders also starts making weird stuff happen? Only rules are Dudley MUST be treated the same way Harry is treated (no nice dursleys either; canon or worse-- they cant suddenly be okay with wizards or abnormal things). Harry isn't alone in his cupboard anymore (metaphorically speaking or literally, up to you). Do the dursleys hide both away and pretend they dont have any kids? Do they put them both in an orphanage? Does Vernon divorce petunia for having a magical child? When they go to Hogwarts, how does dudley take it knowing his cousin is famous and he's considered a mud blood? Does harry stick with dudley? Is Dudley still a bully at all? Do the dursleys even allow dudley to attend Hogwarts in the first place? Just a few bits to think on as you write
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Summary: Severus is exceptionally glad to be away from Hogwarts for Christmas this year, because it's been one heck of a term. Most of the students had gone home so he was able to go home as well since several other staff were staying at the school. Severus is surprised when he hears carolers outside his house singing, especially in his dingy neighborhood. Or is it just one caroler that he hears? He opens the window or front door to see who's out there singing in the dark and is surprised to find Harry Potter, quietly singing himself a sad Christmas song as he sits huddled in the snow trying to keep warm.

Preferably Harry is a 1st or 2nd year.
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Summary: Snape has no or very little magic. This is why he put all his focus onto potions during his own Hogwarts years; he never wanted to be the laughingstock when people realized he was basically a squib. Now, as a professor, he can get away with intimidating students and the only magic he needs to do publicly is light a fire under a cauldron.

  1. Harry finds out that Snape is basically a squib
  2. Voldemort doesn't know about Snape's magical ability
  3. No enemies Harry and Draco. I'd like it if they were dating or at least friends but they can basically ignore each other for all I care. Just don't make them enemies.
  4. No Harry/Ginny or Harry/Hermione or Harry/Cho or Harry/Luna or Harry/Severus or Harry/Voldemort -- honestly it doesn't have to have a romantic pairing at all but if you do, none of these!

  1. Maybe Snape created a potion that temporarily gives him a magic boost for when he knows he's going to need to do something big in public
  2. Think about how does Harry find out? He's not the type to use it against Snape or to spread it around but Snape definitely wouldn't trust Harry to keep it to himself. So how does Snape deal with Harry Potter of all people knowing his most personal secret?

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Summary: Throughout his many detentions scrubbing cauldrons, Harry often sings to himself without realising. Snape would usually find this infuriating. Yet he doesn’t. Because Harry actually has quite a lovely singing voice.
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Summary: Snape and Harry share an unusual obsession with cheese.
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Summary: Circumstances of your choice lead to Harry and Severus sharing gas station softserve and discussing horcruxes and the prophecy.
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