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Summary: If Snape were fabulous. "Most people think round glasses went out of style when your dad was at school. But, you know, good for you!"
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Summary: Harry faints. It can be in potions class, in the Great Hall, or any other place Snape also is at the time.
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Summary: Snape teaches Harry how to fly without a broom.
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Summary: After a stressful day teaching dunderheads, the last thing Severus wants to do is to spend the rest of his evening teaching the brat Occlumency. Unfortunately, after many failed attempts and many cross words, Severus lashes out and hits Harry causing a serious accident. Severus does everything he can to help/save him. Full of remorse Severus vows to make amends.
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Summary: Sometime during Harry's childhood before Hogwarts, say between the ages of 5 and 9 or 10 Harry is given a full day's dose of Felix Felicis. Up to you how it was slipped to him but my suggestion would be from one of the people that thanks him when he is out and about with Petunia. Not being told about 'stranger danger' from Petunia, he drinks the potion (or there could be a compulsion on the bottle?). Regardless of how he ends up getting the dose, he ends up having an amazingly lucky 24 hours that in some manner ends with him in Snape's care. Be creative, what lucky and amazing things happen for Harry? Does the school recognize that Harry is being abused? Does something happen to Vernon? Does Dudley get punished? What would the Harry of x age consider lucky? Because a Harry of 5 would consider different things lucky thank a Harry of 9. Could be one shot or short multi chapter. Be sure to think everything through, everything after the potion has to be considered lucky. How does Harry get from point A (taking the potion) to Point B (Snape's care) with only lucky stops on the way. Remember how the potion made Harry feel in the books. This is cross posted on Discord.
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Summary: Harry, when weeding in the garden at the Dursley's discovers his parselmouth abilities quite early, and he befriends several snakes who in turn watch over him.

  • The snakes help him escape from Dudley and his goons.
  • He brings a snake with him to Hogwarts, maybe one he's raised after Petunia kills its mother for being in her garden?
  • He is less prejudiced against Slytherin, and the hat sorts him into Slytherin, or he is unhoused after first year and resorted into it.
  • Used to hiding the ability, during the dueling club his snake hides and talks the other snake out of hurting the students, so Harry isn't called the heir of Slytherin and blamed at that time.
  • Can be a one-shot, drabble, or multific

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Summary: While in hiding, James Potter alleviated his own boredom by coaching toddler Harry on a broom every day. Snape is flabbergasted at the things baby Harry can do on a broom, seemingly dangerous things.
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Summary: Snape and Harry are transported to the future and must stay there.
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Summary: Harry is captured and placed in a fake version of Hogwarts.
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Summary: What if Hermione was poor and Ron was well off? What if Harry had a good family but Ron was homeless? What if Dumbledore was strict (and still nice) but Snape sometimes bent the rules for Harry or other students? Your goal is to write a story where one or more facts of the Harry Potter universe are flip-flopped and it impacts the story in a big way.

Other ideas (but feel free to ignore and come up with your own):
  • Harry's parents survived but Draco's didn't.
  • Hermione is a full blooded wizard and Ron is half or Muggleborn.
  • Remus is Harry's Godfather who has been on the run because of his werewolf status, and Sirius has been teaching Defense at the school (lots of good opportunity for drama between him and Snape there).
  • Ron is rather popular for some reason and very confident (maybe his dad is the minister or something) and Harry is more of like the side-kick.
  • Draco is in Gryffindor and someone else typically in Gryffindor (Hermione maybe?) is in Slytherin. How their personalities are the same as before or different and what friendships exist or don't exist could be interesting.
  • Snape is the Gryffindor head of house and McGonagall is the Slytherin head of house.
  • McGonagall is the Headmistress and Dumbledore is the Transfiguration teacher and Gryffindor Head of House and deputy-Headmaster.
  • Fred and George are studious and Percy is a prankster (possibly in an annoying yet not-funny way?).
The goal is NOT to switch two character's entire personalities and life stories with each other and just switch their names. Instead just change one or two facts with other characters and see how that impacts their personality and the story based on who we already know the characters to be. For instance, if Dumbledore were a strict Headmaster, yet still a nice person like he is in the stories, and Snape were sometimes lenient with Harry or other students and didn't always tell the Headmaster that he'd bent rules for students, yet he still had his regular Snape personality, then there must be a reason for it, right? There would be an interesting story there to flesh out to help the readers understand why this is the way it is.

I wouldn't really like to see a story in which Harry somehow ends up flung into an alternate reality. I'd like to see a story where this has just always been the way of things.
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