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Summary: In which Snape and Harry discover Lily's flaws together, which leads to better acceptance of their lives and deepens their love for Lily. Maybe something happens(you decide what), just like what happened in OotP that prompted Harry to painfully realize the myth of his father, and in DH, where he discovered the secrets of Dumbledore. But what if something happens to let both of them discover the difference between the idealized picture of Lily and who she really was/is?
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Summary: Severus, realizing that single fatherhood and his full-time jobs are too taxing, decides to hire a nanny (similar in looks to Lily) to help take care of little Harry. Rumors spread throughout Hogwarts and the WW about his unknown wife and child who show up at least once a week to see him. Can Severus keep his secret without jeopardizing everything and keeping Albus from meddling in his "romantic life"?
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Summary: What if Harry knew

(1) he's a horcrux
(2) the full prophecy -- including the whole neither can survive while the other lives bit
(3) Dumbledores plan to let him be raised that way so he'd be willing to die for the wizarding world

And he knew it all at age 11?
And he knew it all because he was sorted into Slytherin and Snape has both a vow to protect Harry with his life and a duty to care for his snakes...

So Snape tells Harry basically everything. Where do they go from there?


Think about how Harry will feel. Is he betrayed? Is he still just grateful to be out of the Dursleys' house? Is he angry?

Think about Snape. He's lied to Voldemort, he can certainly keep Dumbledore from finding out that he told Harry the truth. But where does Snape go from here? Did he plan to tell Harry or was it spur of the moment? Does he have a plan for how to protect Harry from both sides of the war?

Think about Voldemort. Does Harry *really* have a reason to fight him? As of 1st year, Harry doesn't know a thing about his parents except what people can tell him about that night. Does it really hurt him so much that he wants to go fight some madman? If you still want Harry to fight Voldemort, develop it. Don't let it just be because everyone says he's a dark lord and he killed Harry's parents that Harry doesn't even remember. Have things actually happen over a period of time that actually makes sense for harry to want to go up against Voldemort.
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Summary: Sometime during his Hogwarts career, Harry is surprised by a time traveler bearing the Potter name.
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Summary: Adapt Ayreon's rock/metal opera, "Into the Electric Castle" for the Harry Potter universe. Including the narrator and Death, there are 10 characters. Does not need to be epilogue compliant. In fact, it might be best if you choose to bring back dead characters.
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Summary: Potter had no idea just how many times Severus had saved his life.
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Summary: Someone at the school (preferably someone close to Harry, but not necessary) has been put under the imperius curse. The caster's goal is to hurt Harry physically or mentally. Harry is oblivious, but perhaps Snape will notice?
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Summary: Snape is disguised as one, or more, of Harry's classmates.
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Summary: Umbridge's Blood Quill is discovered, but either 1) when Dumbledore tries to stop her he is overruled, or 2) he is already gone. Rather than let Harry continue being tortured, Severus takes his place under Polyjuice.

Your choice whether Harry knows or not, what motivated Severus to do it, and whether or not Umbridge finds out. No Dumbledore bashing please.
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Summary: James and Lily Potter are somehow taking care of Harry Potter, but those who knew the real Lily and James can tell these are imposters.
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