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Summary: Glamoured or polyjuiced people tend to be clumsy, which is one of their indicators.
-> How would that change the plots of HP? (thinking false Moody, Battle of Seven Potters, that polyjuice thing in CoS?)
-> And what would that imply for any... parentage-hiding spells?
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Summary: Harry finds more than the Half-Blood Prince's sixth-year potions book. He finds diary-like excerps. Perhaps he finds more books by the Half-Blood Prince as well.
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Summary: Part 1: For no other reason than finding her very attractive, Snape or Harry (or both) visits a Muggle palm reader, despite mentally dismissing the practice as "utter rubbish" -- especially since the reader is a mere Muggle without any knowledge of the wizarding world, much less having any magical ability to predict the future. What will she find written in the lines on his/their palm(s)?

Part 2: Character(s) reflect(s) on the palm reading several years later -- how accurate was the Muggle? How much came to pass? The prediction might focus on several significant minor Canon events, or just one detailed major Canon event.

What conclusions do(es) the wizard(s) reach regarding a Seer's ability?

You can choose the starting point for the palm reading, but the reflection should come near or following the Final Battle at Hogwarts.
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Summary: Walking and using large muscles helps release happy anti-depression chemicals. Snape needs all the happy chemicals he can get. The staff conspire to make Snape patrol around the castle and grounds as much as possible, much to the chagrin of misbehaving students.
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Summary: Snape knows all the proper brewing/seeping times for every type of tea leaves. He has a built in timer in his body from all the potions work he does. He gets irritated when the water is too hot, or too cold, when people remove their leaves too early, or when they are left in too long, etc. Harry either is rubbish at making tea, or good at it thanks to the Dursleys.
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Summary: Someone has an unexpected, unusual reaction to a pain-reducing potion, making them more likely to tell the truth.
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Summary: I recently revamped the idea generator I had once made to include a lot of great plot bunnies. The plot bunnies are waiting to be discovered at the link below. Just hit the plot bunny button in the black box. Great ideas for some one shots or longer stories.


A few examples of some of the plot bunnies generated with the above generator:

[Someone is having a bad day] [In jail] [While traveling across space and time] [With a rival] [Genre: Drama] [Bonus: Addiction]

[Someone is feeling guilty] [At the Ministry] [At midnight] [While wrapped up in a blanket] [Genre: Family] [Bonus: Elves]

[Someone is being chased] [At Order Headquarters] [After Graduating Hogwarts] [Carrying a magical object] [Genre: Angst] [Bonus: Repeating a year of school]

[Someone is dueling] [In a hidden corridor] [After a big test] [Wearing slippers] [Genre: Family] [Bonus: Temporary loss of magic]

[Someone's eyes are being opened for the first time] [In a death eater hideout] [After an accident] [With a rival] [Genre: Humor] [Bonus: A Day So Bad It's Hilarious]

There are six lists, each list containing between 15-40 inputs that will be randomized to come up with interesting results to give you ideas for a story.
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Summary: After that disastrous first Potions lesson, Harry decides to prove himself to Snape, reading up on the knowledge he missed, doing his homework to the best of his ability, always coming well-prepared and so on. Snape doesn't want to believe it at first, but then is gradually convinced that it's all Harry's work, and decides to mentor him further, and coming to see Harry as he is. I'd love for it to feature an apprenticeship setting building over the course of the story, esp with Harry not having to return to the Dursleys. And if I may copy Kate's stipulation: should not have Draco as main character
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Summary: Challenge: A story all from Snape's point of view. Must include Snape finding out about neglect/abuse subtlely. He must doubt what he is seeing due to cognitive dissonance. He resists acknowledging the small signs because he would then have to change his behavior and it's hard to change ingrained behaviors. Then something happens that he can't continue to ignore and it causes him to have a profound paradigm shift, rocking his world such that maybe even something in his magic is changed. (JKR established that thought and emotions are important to magic - i.e. Patronus changing forms.) This may cause his behavior to change, possibly at first without him realizing it.

I'm looking for a good character study with Snape as the voice of the story. I'd like to see what his life is like outside of classes, he's a person with a life outside of work, show that.

Nice to see but not required - a friendship-type relationship with McGonagall, could be ongoing or developed over the course of the story. Possibly starting with mutual respect but growing into actual friendship as Snape changes.

Must have some kind of relationship develop between Harry and Snape, but I want to see it all from Snape's perspective. Any level you'd like, but they no longer hate each other.

May NOT have Draco as a main character/be used in any way to move the story forward. This is a Snape and Harry story, not a Snape and Harry and Draco story.

Romance for either character is fine, but shouldn't be a major point in the story.
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Summary: Snape or Harry (any age from 11 on) pawns something in Diagon Alley, and the other buys it, not realizing at first who the previous owner was. Who pawns what, why, and how does the purchaser react upon learning the original owner's identity? Does the buyer attempt to communicate with the seller about the item?
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