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Snape is a spider animagus. Or gets turned into a spider.


“Spider-Snape, Spider-Snape”

“Stalks around in a spider-cape...”

“Can't catch him, in a glass”

“He's venomous and wicked fast...”

“Look out! Here comes Spider Snape!”


      -song/poem by Priorities

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Summary: In sixth year when Harry uses Sectumsempra on Draco he does more harm than in canon. Draco is maimed, possibly mortally wounded, and may die. When Snape comes across the scene he spirits Harry away and hides him for his protection, knowing that Umbridge and the Ministry would send Harry to Azkaban. Dumbledore is gone. The Malfoys will want revenge. Where can Harry go?
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Summary: Severus Snape is a seer. How does he use this ability?
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Summary: Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter swap bodies. Snape is called to help.
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Summary: “Soup is witchcraft. We put plants, spices, and dead animals into a cauldron and follow instructions from a book written by old people.” As a Potions Master, Severus Snape is good at making soup. His soup may even have some magical properties.
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Summary: Severus Snape knows at least a little parseltongue and uses it to his advantage.
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Summary: Harry has been sick all summer, the Dursleys have made him even more miserable and he's getting sicker. Snape notices something and decides to take care of him, he doesn't realize how sick Harry is.
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Summary: Harry gets sick or injured at The Dursleys and has to have surgery, The Dursleys refuse to care for him so Dumbledore calls in Snape to care for Harry, what will happen?
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Summary: Write a story where either Severus or Harry is suicidal, or even both. Do they off themselves, or can they be each other's cure? Does Dumbledore know? And why are they suicidal? This challenge is to spread awareness of mental illness. In recent years, adolescents have had an increase in reported mental illnesses, and It's time we acknowledge that. Even wizards aren't immune.
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Summary: Harry has an unfortunate, and dangerous habit of sleepwalking.
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