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Summary: Harry talks to Tom Riddle's diary more in his second year. He finds out that Dumbledore sent Tom Riddle back to the orphanage during the war, despite the danger. He realizes that Dumbledore will always send Harry back to his relatives, and that Dumbledore allows children to be abused and placed at risk. Does Dumbledore actually care about the students? Harry needs a way out. Maybe Tom has an idea.
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Summary: Twins Who Lived with a twist! They hold together regardless of circumstances, letting nothing separate them.
-- Possible plot points may be: The twins have different genders, personalities and/or talents; they are different and complement each other, but equals at heart. One of them, for this or any other reason, receives preferential treatment by their family. Perhaps the twins are not ok with that and are subsequently neglected, if not cast out by their closer (remaining) family; Severus, who gets to know of this, takes the role of an impartial mentor who is equally supportive of both of them. Perhaps the two of them are sorted into different houses. If you feel especially daring, maybe it turns out that they don't quite share the same blood after all.
It doesn't matter - they will hold together, come what may.
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Summary: Voldemort didn't just leave a curse on the defense position, he also left a curse on the headmaster's position - one that made the headmaster blind to children that were mistreated. He knew from experience how easy it was to swing mistreated children to the dark arts. They were so ready to either find a way to defend themselves and/or get back at their tormentor. That means that the headmaster was also blind to bullying in the school.

Severus had always thought that the Headmaster didn't care about children who weren't Gryfindors. But then he watched as Potter was bullied by Draco and then tormented by the entire school during his second year. He also noticed the signs of abuse/neglect in Potter. In his observations of the headmaster, he kept thinking - surely he would care what happened to his golden Gryffindor? Surely something would be done. But the more he watched Dumbledore, the more he noticed that Dumbledore didn't seem to realize anything was wrong. It's like his attention was subtly deflected/his eyes glazed over a bit.

Does he then try to remove the curse? Find it? Bring it to the headmaster's attention? Does it resist attention, so when he tries to bring his concerns to Minerva or the other heads of house, their attention is likewise deflected? What flaw in the curse allows him to notice the problem? Severus realizes that he needs to act on his own to solve the bullying problem in the school that he has contributed to - has he been affected by the curse as well? He also needs to help the children with troubled home lives. How does he get around the curse? How does this change his interactions with Harry, the rest of the school? Do any of the other teachers notice? How would one go about breaking a curse like this?

You've got the perfect storm here - no good defense teacher teaching students how to defend themselves (compliant population), no good history teacher teaching students the pitfalls of history so that they don't repeat it, and a bunch of bullies and resentful children ready and eager to walk the dark path.

Does Binns remaining as the history teacher have anything to do with the curses set?
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A start of a story where Harry and Snape have a heart to heart after the war. They're both struggling to find their place in the world when neither expected to survive.

Severus caught sight of a young man sitting on the couch, seemingly disengaged from the festivities around him. "Mr. Potter," he addressed him.

Harry's gaze met Severus's, the man he had recently rushed to the hospital wing. "Sir."

"If you don't feel like joining in the celebration, why are you here?" Severus asked.

Harry raised an eyebrow, observing Severus as he took a seat next to him on a couch situated away from the crowd. "I could ask you the same thing, sir."

Severus let out a frustrated sigh and reclined on the couch. "I presume you were also coerced into attending?" He mimicked Minerva McGonagall, "'It would do you good, Severus, to socialize with everyone,'" then rolled his eyes.

Harry smirked, amused by the likeness of the imitation. "Something like that," he admitted.

Severus scoffed, "I despise these gatherings. A room full of giddy, drunken fools. It's intolerable."

Harry chuckled, "I can agree with you there, sir. But I find it amusing to observe them from a distance."

Severus raised an eyebrow, "Oh? And what do you observe?"

Harry shrugged, "The usual things, really. People laughing and having a good time, others making fools of themselves. It's all rather entertaining."

Severus leaned back, intrigued by Harry's observation. "And what about yourself, Mr. Potter? Why are you not joining in?"

Harry sighed, "It's complicated. I just... don't feel like celebrating."

Severus studied Harry, sensing that there was more to the young man's reluctance than just a lack of enthusiasm. "Is it because of recent events?" he probed gently.

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Summary: After the war, Harry offered to help to rebuild Hogwarts, during which he chose to talk to the portraits of Dumbledore and Snape about it.
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Summary: There is a spell on an office in Hogwarts that guides children in bad home situations to that specific spot at certain specific dates and times of the year. This spell is only active when the castle judges that a worthy Head of House who will help the children is available. It compels that Head to select that specific office and to be there during those specific dates and times. There are times when no head is worthy &/or has the power/inclination to protect those children, so the office isn't used. During Snape's years as a student, this was the case.

When Snape becomes a head-of-house, the castle has judged him, after years of living within her walls, to be the next successor to this protection spell. At first, Snape can't figure out why he has a desire to be in his office at those specific times and why random students keep showing up there with no specific purpose in mind. Then he starts to see a pattern. He rebels a bit, surely the castle has chosen wrongly. But he can't let the problems go, he has to help these children, just as he wished someone would have helped him.

Imagine his surprise when Harry Potter is one of the students that shows up during those special office hours...
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Summary: What if the sorting of the first years wasn't in alphabetical order? Imagine it was in reverse alphabetical order, or by birthday or by magical ability or by just random numbers. How would this change which house people end up in? Would Harry ask for "not Slytherin" if he didn't know that Draco was going there? This change doesn't just affect Harry's year. It's been going on for ages. How would it have affected Lily and Severus' years? Pick whatever place to start. The only change is the order of the people under the hat.
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Summary: Harry dies in the graveyard during the TriWizard championship. An Avadra Kedavra kills the Horcrux in his head and momentarily kills him as well. Snape comes to collect his dead body and discovers he’s alive.
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Summary: In his old age, Harry somehow is placed back in time as a pre-Hogwarts child, but not as himself. He is horrified to discover that he is in place of Tom Riddle. He has to choose whether he will follow history or make other decisions.


-After a couple of decades, Harry, now an adult, runs into a young Severus Snape.

-Or Snape also gets reincarnated as a person at the same time, he can be an adult, teen, or child.

-Or something else.
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Summary: Snape decides to use polyjuice and takes Harry’s place as fourth champion in the TriWizard Tournament.
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