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Summary: While staying at the Weasleys during the summer, Ron and the other boys get in trouble for something. I have tagged all the Weasleys but you don’t have to include all of them. This can be up to you. Harry tries to cover for them but Molly witnessed what it was and gently scolds Harry for trying to take the fall. Molly punishes the boys (not Harry) with chores. Harry tells the boys they got off lightly because he would’ve got a whipping with a belt (thinking this is normal).

The extent of Harry’s abuse is discovered and the Weasleys want to adopt Harry. Unfortunately Dumbledore in his infinite wisdom, makes Snape take care of Harry instead. Snape is a bit of an ass and first refuses to not see Harry as the devil incarnate and at first treats him harshly. Gradually, he sees Harry for who is.

Please do not have CP (including mouth soaping) as part of this story. In fact, you could mention its illegality (an idea not mandatory). Harry can expect it from Snape, even assuming that would be his punishment for something. However, it shouldn’t be used. Anything else is fair game. Can happen at any year at Hogwarts.
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Summary: Muggles have created a virus that destroys a Wizard’s magic and unleashed it on the Magical world.
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Summary: One day while getting berated 'again' by Snape about how spoiled/entitled/etc. he is, Harry, feeling resigned and fed up at the same time, just calmly looks at Snape and says "Who, precisely, do you think I grew up with?" ..."Because I think you and I may be living in different realities." What happens next?
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This is not an official P and S fic fest. This is a fic fest /challenge issued by me.

Fest Rules:
- Write a story about Harry overcoming something especially difficult. It could be his difficulties at home, his difficulties with Snape, with some emotion he's having trouble with, with an event that's happened that he's having trouble getting past, etc. The theme of this challenge is overcoming and coming out stronger in the end, so this should be the main theme of the story you submit. Whether he overcomes on his own or with another character's help is up to you.
- Length can be a one shot, a short multi-chapter story, or a longer story.
- This is an open ended challenge and has no end date and you can submit more than one story if you like.
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Summary: Probably only a oneshot.....maybe a comedy .... The daily prophet makes a list of the most powerful wizards and witches of the last millennium. My only desire is that the people below be definitely on the list AND the list has to be based on some actual magical ability test. 🤷Maybe skeeter sneaked around and read their auras or something I don't know what kind of testing it would be, I'd just prefer if the list has some basis in fact. 👌Must include: Harry, Snape, Dumbledore... 🤔Maybe include: the other professors, Grindelwald, Voldemort, Fudge.....
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Summary: Author: moonfeather58

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Garrick Ollivander

Important Side Characters: Madame Pomfrey, Severus Snape

Plot: Abandoned after arriving at the Dursleys, Harry is raised by Ollivander. Apprenticed as a healer and wandmaker, Harry learns the meaning of family and battles a sickness that has ravaged his body since that fateful night on Halloween 1981. With a family at his back and a desire for knowledge, just how will the world face the apprentice chosen by magic herself to rule and bring balance back to the wizard world?

Pairings: Up to Writer, but Gen for the first two years of Harry's wizarding school years

  • Must start in Pre-Hogwarts years (0-11) and go up through at least Year 5 if not longer
  • Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff Harry
  • Light or Gray Harry
  • Harry must inherit a talent from James and a talent from Lily
  • Studious and smart Harry though with a bit of fun
  • Severitus (ally, friend, mentor)
  • Harry has a different wand than canon
  • Harry has a muggle hobby and a wizarding hobby he likes to do in his spare time (besides Quidditch)
  • Harry must explore different career options, though mainly look into Healing and Wand Making due to his apprenticeships
  • Sometime after first year, Harry must go a foreign school (Ilvermorny, Castelobruxo, Koldovstoretz, Uagadou, Mahoutokoro or an OC school) for one school year. If 4th year, Harry must be selected to represent his host school.
  • Gen fic for first two years wizarding schooling
  • Harry explores the Peverell bloodline
  • Lily was a descendant of Mordred
  • Harry must be an apprentice & heir of Ollivander as well as an apprentice to Pomfrey
  • Harry has healing magic
  • Harry cannot take Divination as an elective
  • Killing curse must affect Harry in some way
  • Dark creatures and wizards/dark magic can easily corrupt Harry and physically and mentally harm him, causing him to be wary/fearful of anything dark, yes this includes Remus Lupin
  • Light and neutral creatures/muggle animals see Harry as their protector
  • Crossovers
  • Super or OP Harry
  • Elemental Harry
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Harry explores other magical cultures/other ways of magic
  • Harry chooses to stay at the school he studies at for a year
  • Creature Fic! Bonus if Harry is something besides a vampire x werewolf hybrid or angel x demon hybrid
  • Betrothal contracts
  • James and/or Lily are alive but thought dead due to being in a coma
  • Severus has a child that is a friend, ally or love interest to Harry
  • Harry resurrects and becomes king of Camelot
  • Sirius escapes Azkaban before canon but he cannot get custody of Harry back
  • Business-minded Harry
  • WBWL (Wrong Boy Who Lived)
  • Familiars (no basilisks, dragons or phoenixes, no known dark creatures)
  • Potter family has living branches (ex. Charles Potter and Dorea Potter nee Black)
  • Neville and Harry best friends
  • Harry's patronus is different than in canon and matches his animagus form
  • Harry befriends Flich
  • Dark Lord Harry
  • MOD (Master of Death) Harry
  • Auror Harry
  • Harry joining Voldemort or the Order of the Phoenix
  • After first year, Horcrux Harry
  • Horcrux Hunting
  • Ron being Harry's friend
  • Lazy Harry
  • Dark or Evil Harry
  • Gryffindor or Slytherin Harry
  • Harry/Ginny pairing
  • Durmstrang or Beauxbatons as the schools Harry studies at for his year abroad
  • Quidditch obsessed Harry
  • Harry being expected to defeat Voldemort, let the adults handle this
  • Conquest rights (no winning lordships by conquest)
  • No mpreg
  • Harry cannot be Sirius's heir
  • Harry as a reincarnation of Merlin, Morgana or the Founders
  • Cedric dying in the tournament
Anything else is up to the author. Note that Harry's Potter grandparents are not Charlus and Dorea, they are Fleamont and Euphemia.
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Summary: Severus receives a letter meant for someone else (probably Harry, or the letter is about him in some way,) The choice is yours, one-shots are preferred.
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Summary: Harry wins a golden ticket when he’s pre Hogwarts age. And Snape works for Willy Wonka, as a potions master/chemist. Oompa Loompas are House Elves from a different continent. Willy Wonka is either a Wizard or a Squib.
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Summary: Something suddenly happens to cause magic to act differently. Spells have completely different effects, and no magic works as it should.
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Summary: Harry's thoughts are directly recorded by a quill as he thinks them. Snape uses this as a way to prevent Harry from getting into mischief.
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