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Title: Relevance 26 Feb 2023 7:37 pm
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    There were a couple of typos, and a couple of places where I wasn't sure who was speaking. i'll post them here so you can make corrections if you choose to.

    Who is saying this?

    “He was old enough to know what he was doing-”

    “And you should be old enough to know not to get involved in all of this business!”

    It's hard to tell. Is it the Dursleys? As a flashback?

    And who is he talking about here?

    “I think abuse is a really strong word for the situation at hand. And I know, I know, everyone who’s abused says that but like, it’s… I mean they care about me and they don’t try to hurt me.

    Is Harry talking about the Dursley here? Did they care about Harry? They did try to hurt Harry mentally, all the time with his pitiful birthday presents and leaving him behind when going out, forcing him to wear hand-me-downs, and making him live in a cupboard, right?

    Some typos missed:

    Snape’s quil snapped.


    Uncle Vernon rolls his eyes. “You shouldn’t have given yours


    Harry’s force grip on his pen his so harsh he rips the paper of his journal,
    pen IS so harsh


    He can not get the words to exit his mouth, even as Aunt Petunia runs his fingers through his hair. runs HER fingers through his hair.


    “Keep up with me, do you?” Ginny smirked.

    “I can’t help that they keep the same schedule as my favorite team,” Harry shrugged.

    Did you mean, “I can’t help that YOU keep the same schedule as my favorite team"?
Title: Relevance 26 Feb 2023 7:35 pm
Reviewer: Jan_AQ (Signed) [Report This]
    Ahhh this is such a unique and new situation and premise. I absolutely adore Headmaster Snape taking care of things. His insight, doing what needs to be done. And when Harry arrived at the Dursleys' and Snape was already there?! Ahhhh. Genius. I adore your Snape, and your Harry is so vulnerable while still being strong and in character. Fantastically done.

    And then when Snape showed up at the Weasleys?! AHHHH! That was SOOOO unexpected! And just to check on Harry. That is so sweet. It's like Snape cares. Does having Harry under his employ make Snape feel even more responsible for him?

    Snape is being so understanding in this story. I absolutely love it. Empathetic language and validation and all.

    Harry's humor is intact and spot-on. The part about being a pothead was hilarious. I loved Snape warning him, and making him go back to the castle.

    There are so many clever things in this story. So many great descriptions. The emotions and pace are spot on.

    The content matter is very difficult to experience in real life. You absolutely are right and I hope that you had a Snape in your life to tell you so.

    EMDR therapy would really help this too. It helps reprocess traumatic events and it feels like it either shrinks or fades them away, or allows them to be returned to the bookcase and not constantly being reopened in front of your face. I highly recommend you try it. I did it and it really helped the memories I reprocessed.

    I don't normally give out scores of 10, but you got one.
Title: Relevance 25 Feb 2023 8:06 pm
Reviewer: raidyn (Signed) [Report This]
    amazingly done all around!
Title: Relevance 25 Feb 2023 4:59 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Thank you for sharing your story and the reasons behind it with us. Abuse by anyone is wrong. I’m sorry your adults didn’t support you and make it clear that what happened to you is wrong and should be sorted and you offered support and help. It horrifies me that you still have to pretend that everything is ok and meet your abuser. I can’t give you answers but I think you need to find someone who can make your parents see that they are continuing the abuse by making your sibling welcome in their home. Their concern should be you and your welfare.
    I hope writing this story and the explanation has helped in a small way.
    Take care and love yourself you are a fantastic writer and person.
Title: Relevance 24 Feb 2023 4:05 pm
Reviewer: cavehack (Signed) [Report This]
    Thanks so much for sharing your vulnerability with us. I imagine it would feel cathartic to write a difficult story that flows from experience. I’ll just say that what Harry experienced was unequivocally wrong. Harry should have had the support he needed and my heart goes out to the lonely, scared, and hurt child that he was. No matter his age when he was ready to address his trauma, Snape was right to be there for him to show him that someone cares. As do we all here. Thanks again for sharing your story.

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