Double Vision by Pandora
Summary: Harry and Hermione get caught up in a dangerous and bizarre scheme cooked up by Bellatrix and Snape. Can this nightmare possibly end well?
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Takes Place: 3rd summer
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Bloodlines by Pandora

“Care to explain the results of the potion,” Severus said silkily to Bella.

Harry and Hermione had been expecting the worst, when Voldemort had insisted on administering the potion to verify their parentage.

While Snape was a skillful Potions Master, they doubted that even he would be able to fool the Familial potion, which made them both very reluctant to consider the alternative explanation.

They both stood frozen in fear, while awaiting their fate , terrified that at any moment, their treachery would be discovered.

When the results of the potion produced unexpected results, however, they had both been terribly confused and apprehensive to find out why a potion that should have revealed that they were not in fact related to Bella and Snape, in fact revealed the opposite.

Bella licked her lips nervously.

“Well,” she began, “when the Dark Lord discovered our secret; that we had put our twins up for adoption at birth, to avoid having them used as leverage against us, I began the lengthy process of searching for our children’s whereabouts.

Imagine my surprise when, my search led me to none other than the Hero of the Wizarding World, the bane of your existence,” she said dryly, “and a supposedly Muggleborn girl, named Hermione Granger.”

Severus’ eyes widened. “You are saying that these children are really of our blood; they are really…”


Severus raked back his greasy hair, with a desperate motion.

"You are saying that that insufferable know-it-all and Harry bloody Potter are my offspring? he moaned.


The End.

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