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Summary: Soon after rescuing 7-year-old Harry from the abusive Dursleys, Severus Snape starts his teaching career at Hogwarts. Harry finds even more ways to surprise his father, the Headmaster, and a school full of students. Snape'll have his hands full, raising and protecting his son. This story is part of the series, A Boy Called Whelp. The previous story in the series is Whelp.

Rated: T
Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Violence
Series: A Boy Called Whelp
Challenges: None
Published: 08 Sep 2007 - Updated: 17 Oct 2008
Story Notes:

I've skipped only a few days between the last scene of Whelp and the first scene of Whelp II -- The Wrath of Snape. If you haven't read Whelp before looking at this story . . . well, why not? Really, you should, 'cause otherwise, you're gonna be plenty lost. To all those coming back for the sequel . . . Hope you enjoy the ride. Love and hugs!

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 by jharad17 [Reviews - 33] starstarstarstarstar (2707 words) Printer

Thanks to everyone who’s read and reviewed through out Whelp's development! I hope you enjoy this book, too. This tale will follow Harry and Snape as they both start life at Hogwarts, with lots of exciting explorations, achievements, and tons of things that can go wrong when you throw a magically gifted 7 year old into a super magic playhouse.

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“You’re welcome, dear. Now, let’s try something else”” Then she was leaning over his shoulder and reaching for his arm . . . and suddenly Aunt Petunia was grabbing for him because he had dropped the forks while setting the table, and she would smash his hand onto the hot stove burner and he could smell the meat of his hand burning and oh, god it hurt . . . and the jolt from the memory was so fierce that the boy scrambled away from the grasping hands, darted under the table and was running, running, till he reached the door, scrabbled at the knob, and was gone.

Before anyone else could move, a streak of white followed him through the door and disappeared, too.

12. Chapter 12 by jharad17 [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3449 words) Printer

But then there was a game of tag, played with practice Snitches in gold and red and blue. As he jumped and ran and laughed along with the other children, Harry was able to put the horrible writing lesson and the memories of the Dursleys behind him, at least for a little while.

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14. Chapter 14 by jharad17 [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstar (2614 words) Printer

Father crouched down, so he was looking Harry eye to eye. "So," he said, and his mouth made that little quirk of a smile. Harry grinned back at him. "Tell me about what you learned today."

15. Chapter 15 by jharad17 [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (3003 words) Printer

After greeting them both warmly, Molly shooed the children outside with a, "Show Harry around, dears, and don't forget the pumpkin patch. There you go."

With only one backward glance at his father, Harry followed the Weasley boys and Ginny outdoors for the grand tour.

16. Chapter 16 by jharad17 [Reviews - 17] starstarstarstarstar (3236 words) Printer

"Good day," Father said. "Remember your manners as a guest, Harry." And then he was gone, and a hole opened up in Harry's chest a mile wide. Father had promised to come back, though, which was the only reason Harry wasn't chasing after him right now and tearing through the Floo to find him and hold onto him and never let go.

17. Chapter 17 by jharad17 [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2768 words) Printer

"O-okay," came the stuttered acceptance, along with a hard squeeze from Harry's thin arms which had snaked around Severus' neck where he was clinging for dear life.

Nodding once, Severus stood, still holding his son in his arms. "Molly. Arthur," he said solemnly and inclined his head. "I need to ask you an enormous favor."

18. Chapter 18 by jharad17 [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (2671 words) Printer

"I'm sorry to intrude; I hope I haven't woken you--" the professor started.

Father interrupted, "Just spit it out, already. Harry needs his sleep, as do I."

"Very well, Severus. I hate to say it, but we were right. Sirius Black has been spotted in Hogsmeade."

19. Chapter 19 by jharad17 [Reviews - 12] starstarstarstarstar (2799 words) Printer

All in all, despite the fact that Father hovered nearby more than Harry had ever seen him do before, they spent a contented, peaceful week or so together, both at Spinner's End, and at the Burrow, reading, making potions, and, in Harry's case, playing Quidditch and getting back to schooling with the other children.

Of course, such peace could not last forever.

20. Chapter 20 by jharad17 [Reviews - 12] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1910 words) Printer

As the two went up the couple steps to the backdoor and inside the house, Padfoot settled on his haunches in the dirt with a light sigh. He could hardly wait till tonight. He would get his godson out of this slimy git's clutches, and Harry would be safe once more, with him.

And Snivellus would not be able to come after Harry again. This time, Sirius would take him down as he should have done, ten years ago. This time, Sirius would not leave him alive.

21. Chapter 21 by jharad17 [Reviews - 12] starstarstarstarstar (2579 words) Printer

With that look of rage, everything clicked into place. Sirius grinned at Snivellus, baring his teeth, and as the greasy git opened his mouth to cast some vicious curse at the two of them, Sirius spun on his heel and Disapparated, his godson hugged close to his chest.

Harry was safe now, with Sirius. They were both safe and happy and free.

22. Chapter 22 by jharad17 [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarstar (2653 words) Printer

The boy's face reddened beneath Sirius' hand; he was obviously embarrassed. His tiny nostrils were flaring, as if he couldn't breathe quite right. But Sirius just wanted to get them out of there, maybe with a few provisions first so they wouldn't have to steal anything to eat right away. So he hitched Harry a bit higher on his hip, tightened his grip so the boy couldn't wriggle away, and eased the two of them down the stairwell to the first floor. From there, he knew it was just a hop, skip and jump to the kitchen and then out the backdoor. They could get away before the Aurors came, before anyone knew they'd been there; it just had to be fast.

23. Chapter 23 by jharad17 [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (3929 words) Printer

"Love you, too, Harry," Severus whispered back.

On the floor in front of them, the great black dog transformed back into a man with black hair and pure blue, haunted eyes. He was still stunned, but fat tears rolled down his cheeks as he watched Harry and his father.

24. Chapter 24 by jharad17 [Reviews - 42] starstarstarstarstar (5775 words) Printer

The End.
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