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“Snape!” Harry exclaimed in horror.

Hermione screeched.

“That is Professor Snape to you.” Snape said snidely.

“Sssssir,” Harry stuttered. “I can explain.”

“Oh do try,” Snape said mockingly.

“I just…I mean, I …” Harry stammered.

“Sir, what Harry means is,” Hermione began nervously, “is that we happened to be walking by and saw your door open, and …” she abruptly halted, seeing Snape’s stony expression.

“Do not insult my intelligence Miss Granger!” he bellowed.

“ I wasn’t sir, I swear, I just…”


“Now, let’s see,” he said in a calculating voice, “we have two very naughty Gryffindors, out after Curfew, attempting to steal from my personal stores, and whilst the thought of dragging you two to the Headmaster’s office is tempting, I fear that he would be much too lenient with you, as demonstrated in the past. As of course would be your Head of House. “

Snape traced his thin lips with his potion-stained finger.

“However…I cannot let this transgression go unpunished. But what to do…what to do,” he said slowly, as though considering his options.

Harry squirmed. Something in Snape’s voice was making him very nervous. The fact that they were alone, without a soul knowing their whereabouts, not even Ron, who was resting in the infirmary, nursing his sore leg, after his mishap with Sirius’ Animagus form; they were solely at Snape’s mercy.

Suddenly all thoughts of revenge towards Snape fled Harry, as the tables were turned on him.

Harry’s insides squirmed as he noticed an evil smile form on Snape’s face.

As Hermione and Harry stood motionless, wondering what form of punishment the Potions Master would administer to them, Snape suddenly spun around and started examining various bottles of potions ingredients. His fimble fingers slid over them, one by one, until with a gleeful murmur, he suddenly plucked a large phial filled with a smokey lavender liquid, off the shelf.

“Sit”, Snape commanded, pointing to the two chairs before his desk.

Harry’s shaky legs gave out under him just as he plopped into the chair. He eyed Snape nervously.

Harry’s blood froze, when Snape grabbed a thin knife and an empty phial and began to approach them both.

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