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Summary: One wrong word and a murderer is born. Sealed away through seven generations, the fire of dragons awakens an inheritance and brings forth a tribrid in a frightened teen sentenced to death. Not just a tribrid, rare as it is, but a tribrid of two class 4 creatures and one class 5 creature, making him a danger to society, a danger that must be restrained for the good of the people. From this inheritance an ancient bond forms between the newly registered creature and a professor...a ministry worker...a curse that affects not only the creature but their descendants for eternity as well. Enter into a darker world of slavery as a boy once known as the savior finds truths that shatter his very existence, a world hidden beneath the earth and within the shadows were no light can be found. The mentor guides the shattered light into a destiny he is unprepared for while a bitter soul remains trapped in darkness though free unlike the chained being. Yet circumstances change the bitter soul and open his eyes to a world he heard mere tales about in youth...where redemption is nowhere to be found.

Rated: 16+
Warnings: Character Death, Emotional Abuse, Neglect, Torture, Violence
Series: None
Challenges: None
Published: 18 May 2023 - Updated: 28 Jul 2023
Story Notes:

This is my second Bingo Fic Fest challenge for Potions and Snitches.

  • In this story, Harry is a tribrid...his parents an ice phoenix (mother) & a fire demon (father) with kitsune ancestry (fire/darkness) from his father's side and he inherits the kitsune ancestry due to it skipping 7 generations. 
  • Because he is a creature (phoenix being class xxxx, kitsune being xxxx, fire demon/any demon really being xxxxx), he is a class xxxxx creature, classified as a beast. 
  • Harry will have a regular fox form, a wolf-sized fox form and a demon form and is an immortal creature though can die and be resurrected like phoenixes due to his phoenix blood.  He also has an hybrid form but is mostly confined to his kitsune or wolf-sized fox form.
  • Harry will have powers (hence the superpower!Harry tag), but they will show gradually in time throughout the story.    
  • This story will contain worldbuilding, abuse of power and slavery.  
  • Some information from Kitsune and Demons might come from my lore for JOF but it isn't a crossover
  • This story was originally going to be an answer to a deleted challenge, Ward of the Toad, but I could not figure out how to start it. I wanted Umbridge as a main part of it and somehow this came into being.
  • I should mention, Voldemort has not come back & Harry is not a Horcrux
Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 Smoke and Mirrors by moonterra [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (9732 words) Printer

Spring Green Bingo Prompts-Friendly Fire (choosing to ignore the real meaning of it), Losing their temper
Grey Bingo Prompts-Free Space (Dragons)

At this point, Kingsley is not part of the order so is under no obligation to tell Dumbledore anything of what he discovered. I wanted a way for Dumbledore to be oblivious to what is going on, so had Cornelius swear Shacklebolt and Thames to an unbreakable vow. This is also partly why I got rid of Mrs. Figg as well in the 1st chapter right away off screen.

2. Chapter 2 Kindling by moonterra [Reviews - 0] (8579 words) Printer

Bingo Prompts for this chapter:

Green-Creature Inheritance, Demon/Imp
Orange-Confronting Uncomfortable Truths/Realities

To be continued...
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