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Well, I love fanfiction. English is my second language and though I am fluent in it, I do sometimes tend to make mistakes.


I love reading and writing and art of any kind.

I'm a fast reader. But a slow writer.

I'll add more when I think of more to say. Hope to see all of you around.

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Prompts by cara-tanaka
Summary: "A more or less temporary disorder of mental facilities, as in fever, disturbances of consciousness, or intoxication characterized by restlessness, excitement, delusions, hallucinations etc." *taken from dictionary.com

What if Harry didn't handle the events following the Triwizard Tournament as well as he did in the books or as calmly? What would happen if he could no longer keep the facade of bravery and stoicism as he did following the confession by Barty Crouch and broke down when he thought he was alone and Snape came across him in this state?

Can be played with as you like and be as a one-shot or multi-chapter story. How things play out is up to you but the story must fit the parameters of the definition and come into play. Can take place after incident in Hospital Wing, Croch's confession, PostGOF or PreOOTP
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Summary: How would things have played out if it wasn't known that Harry was the boy who lived? What if the night the Potters died, Harry was found elsewhere in Godric's Hollow and it was assumed that Harry survived only because Voldemort didn't get to him due to the interference of Lily Potter and the scar was caused by injuries in the destruction? How would the Potions Master of Hogwarts deal with a Harry Potter who was nothing like he expected, quiet and shy especially when he's sorted into his house and it becomes evident that something is wrong with the boy?
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Summary: What if Voldemort tried to regain his body immediately after the events in third year by reviving Harry's mother to use as leverage against him and to use her as the 'blood of the enemy, forcefully taken'? What if it went wrong and instead of an adult Lily Potter, the ten year old version of Lily Evans was revived instead and somehow landed in Hogwarts? How would this affect Harry, who is at Hogwarts due to circumstances and his Potions Professor who are present when she comes? How will they handle this and Voldemort and the Triwizard Tournament?

*Note: Little Lily feels safe only with Harry and Severus and refuses to stay with anyone else unless it's both of them.
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