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Hello people! Ü

I'm just gonna tell you a bit about myself.

Fave books:Jumper, Reflex, Harry Potter, Lady Grace mysteries, Charlie Bone, Chrestomanci

Fave Sweets (this is a weird mixture of american and english sweets, be warned): Aero, Ghirardelli, Dove, Neon Nerds, Sour skittles, Smarties, Cadburys, Mars bar, soda bottles, Lindor. :P---

Fave films: Terminators 2-3 (Haven't seen T1 yet) Night at the museum, blades of glory,

Fave T.V shows: Bones, CSI, Scrubs, Simpsons, Whose line is it anyway?, Dr who, Life on mars, Ashes to ashes.

Fave singers/bands: The feeling, Kaiser cheifs, David Bowie, Razorlight.

Finished? Great, now for the pop quiz!

Chocolate for all!!!!!!


P.S Here is an evil bunny I found on someone's fanfiction.net page. Copy it into your Bio and help him to achieve world domination!

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