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Snape is a spider animagus. Or gets turned into a spider.


“Spider-Snape, Spider-Snape”

“Stalks around in a spider-cape...”

“Can't catch him, in a glass”

“He's venomous and wicked fast...”

“Look out! Here comes Spider Snape!”


      -song/poem by Priorities

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Summary: A transformative works statement allows your fellow creators to see, at one glance, what kinds of secondary fanworks you are comfortable with them creating based on your fanworks.

For more information, and a template, check out: the tumblr fanworks permission statement builder and Inklewriter.com/stories/115743

Thank you for your help!
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Summary: In which Severus is a staff member of Hogwarts, but does not teach Potions. How that would affect his actions towards Harry, and Harry's perception of him?
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Based on this meme: "The fact that I cannot explode into a thousand bats to escape awkward social situations is a constant source of irritation." Snape turns into a Vampire and can now escape those awkward moments at his will. He does so, to the annoyance of everyone else.

Or perhaps he discovers his animagus is a bat and pretends to be a vampire.

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Summary: While staying at the Weasleys during the summer, Ron and the other boys get in trouble for something. I have tagged all the Weasleys but you don’t have to include all of them. This can be up to you. Harry tries to cover for them but Molly witnessed what it was and gently scolds Harry for trying to take the fall. Molly punishes the boys (not Harry) with chores. Harry tells the boys they got off lightly because he would’ve got a whipping with a belt (thinking this is normal).

The extent of Harry’s abuse is discovered and the Weasleys want to adopt Harry. Unfortunately Dumbledore in his infinite wisdom, makes Snape take care of Harry instead. Snape is a bit of an ass and first refuses to not see Harry as the devil incarnate and at first treats him harshly. Gradually, he sees Harry for who is.

Please do not have CP (including mouth soaping) as part of this story. In fact, you could mention its illegality (an idea not mandatory). Harry can expect it from Snape, even assuming that would be his punishment for something. However, it shouldn’t be used. Anything else is fair game. Can happen at any year at Hogwarts.
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Summary: Create a non-traditional fanwork that fits the theme of this site!
  • epistolary (letter/journal-entry-based fic)
  • poetry
  • audio script
  • podfic (audio-narrated fanwork)
  • filk (fan song, both to the tune of existing music and with original tune)
  • fanvideo
  • playlist
  • comic/manga
  • bookbinding
  • cross stitch/embroidery
  • sculptures
  • pottery
  • and many others...

For the closer-to-comprehensive list see this website: https://unconventionalfanworkex.dreamwidth.org/14316.html
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Summary: Glamoured or polyjuiced people tend to be clumsy, which is one of their indicators.
-> How would that change the plots of HP? (thinking false Moody, Battle of Seven Potters, that polyjuice thing in CoS?)
-> And what would that imply for any... parentage-hiding spells?
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Summary: When Harry goes to meet Voldemort he uses the resurrection stone to see his loved ones to help him meet his destiny. This time, instead of holding the stone he swallows the stone instead. That way no one can get the stone after he dies. He didn't expect to live, so when he returns to life he still has the stone in him until it passes out of him. Which also means that he sees the deceased until it passes out of him.
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Summary: In sixth year when Harry uses Sectumsempra on Draco he does more harm than in canon. Draco is maimed, possibly mortally wounded, and may die. When Snape comes across the scene he spirits Harry away and hides him for his protection, knowing that Umbridge and the Ministry would send Harry to Azkaban. Dumbledore is gone. The Malfoys will want revenge. Where can Harry go?
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Summary: Fifth year, Harry and his friends are riding on thestrals to fly to the Department of Mysteries. They have no saddles, harnesses, ropes, nor other safety measures keeping them on the creatures. During the ride, Harry accidentally falls off his threstral in mid-air. Luckily for Harry, Snape was following them the whole time, flying himself. Snape is close enough to catch Harry before Harry falls to his death.
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