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During the months that followed, Hermione and Harry were on a roller coaster ride that seemed to never end. They were at the beck and call of the Dark Lord’s fancies, and it seemed like they were acting in a play, that unfortunately was their real lives playing out.

To their credit, Bellatrix and Severus tried their best to juggle their new role as parents, while playing a dangerous game with the Dark Lord; trying to protect their children, their own lives and the future of the Wizarding World.

In the end, they had gone to Albus for help, and he devised a plan to use the situation to their advantage. It was still Harry’s destiny to defeat the Dark Lord, no matter whose progeny he was.

He did defeat the Dark Lord eventually, with the help of his new father, sister and mother.

Of course, the twins had to face their new identities as the evil Potion’s Master’s children at school, and face down the many challenges living a double life. However, Hermione and Harry Snape faced these challenges with the courage and cunning, of their duel Houses, Slytherin and Gryffindor.

The End.

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