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I'm a lurker and have been ever since I was delighted to discover that FanFiction existed online about 12 years ago. I used to have nearly every Star Trek ff novel ever published, but it wasn't until I stumbled onto "LiveJournal" and found that they had a thriving ff community, writing ff for a couple of my favorite books and shows that FanFiction is alive and well and NOT JUST for us "old fogie" ST: TOS & SW fans anymore!😎
NO, HP is *not* one of those favorites.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't until 2012 that I accidentally read an SPNff story that was actually a crossover with an *unlabeled* and *untagged* HPff! I was already several pages in before they introduced an abused child named "Harry"!

That I'd found a writer who ACKNOWLEDGED the *child abuse* found throughout this "touted" and "ballyhooed" work of unattributed FANFICTION was, to me, a *revelation*! Prior to *that* story, I'd avoided HPff like the plague!

For me, to see the "Harry Potter" label on a story was the "kiss of death"!

I'm a Fantasy & Science Fiction BIBLIOHOLIC and have been since I was about 4-years-old, so when my husband's nephew came to live with us, in 2005, and I saw that he had the first 5 [HP] novels, I was *eager* to read them [picture "grabby hands ;D]! But the story *started* out /Dark/; I began to get a bad feeling when this creepy "Gandalf" knock-off started turning off streetlights! I was already unsettled when the teacher and "Gandalf" stood there debating leaving a 15-month-old *TODDLER* *OUTSIDE* on a doorstep in *November*! I just *knew* that "Gandalf" was going to turn out to be the real (true) villain of the books!

Nothing has changed my mind since.

Further reading of the 5 books saw me finding instance after instance of nearly direct *steals* from many *classic* Fantasy novels and MY childhood favorites; how could people tout books that were filled with unattributed plagiarism?

How could people *applaud* books that used unmitigated, unremedied, and even *IGNORED* child abuse and bullying (of MULTIPLE characters!) as *PLOT DEVICES*?!

Anyhoo, discovering HPff and finding that there are a LOT of writers --and READERS-- who feel as I do and work diligently to "write"(;D) the wrongs of the books are what has made me an HPff fanatical *fan*!

Thank you, HPff writers! Y'all keep me going and bring some sanity, humor, and justice to an insane world!

You make this old "lurker" very happy!

Bless you, all! [Report This]
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