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Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 1:19 pm
Reviewer: Polaris (Signed) [Report This]
    Aw we have such a lovely moment (I'm a sucker to the night-time reading thing) and then wham, Sirius swoops in to ruin everything.

    I can just imagine how much Harry is going to be distressed, and how much this might set him back. I'm not sure how well Harry will go when he gets back to Severus when he sees how easily he was plucked away from his apparantly safe home. Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter. Take care!

    Author's Response: Yes, one if the issues that will need addressing will be the safety of Harry's home -- although the only reason Sirius was able to get through the wards is because he did not mean Harry any harm.  Alas, there's all kinds of harm . . .  Thanks for the review!
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 9:04 am
Reviewer: snarky Beth (Signed) [Report This]
    I've been anxious for this chapter since I read the last, I’m so happy you updated!

    I used to love watching Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger was my favorite ^_^ I never read the books though... I found the scene of Harry reading to his dad incredibly cute! I want a picture of that scene so bad.

    Dang, I've got mixed feelings here on Harry's kidnapping. On one hand, Sirius cares for Harry and thinks he’s doing the right thing, but on the other hand he's separating Harry from his daddy, and that's not good. Treacle sure put up a good fight! Brave little kitty.

    Can't wait to read your next chapter! Please post soon :)

    Author's Response: Treacle's gonna have her own little bit of action at the beginning of Chapter 21!  She's very attached to Harry.  :-)  Thanks for the review!  I should have #21 out within a week, maybe less.
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 6:54 am
Reviewer: mithrilandtj (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Sirius is in seriously deep kaka with a po'ed Snape on his trail.

    Author's Response: Exactly!  Thanks for the review!
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 6:35 am
Reviewer: Deco (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Yikes!!! The show-down between Sirius and Severus is next, I guess. Fireworks...

    Author's Response: Fireworks and conflagrations, yes.  Thanks for the review!
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 6:06 am
Reviewer: le skrewt (Anonymous) [Report This]
    aaaa! aaa! aaaaaa! how could you leave it there!?!?!

    good chapter and, um, plenty of suspense ;-) please update soon!!!

    Author's Response: I will do my best to have a new chappie done within a week.  Thanks for the review!
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 5:03 am
Reviewer: iluvchocs (Signed) [Report This]
    You did a great job with showing how Harry acted; I loved the bit about him giggling at the name Pooh XD Evil!Cliffy, but you wrote it really well :D

    Author's Response: Thanks!  Yes, sorry about the cliffie.  I'm going to try to have a new chappie out within the week.
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 1:16 am
Reviewer: keld (Anonymous) [Report This]
    I tought that apparition in hogward was impossible ? otherwise I love your story please continue^^
    ps : i'm french so my tenses may be unreadable lol sorry in advance^^

    Author's Response: Hi keld, you're right; Apparition in Hogwarts is impossible.  But they aren't at Hogwarts.  They're at Snape's home in Spinner's End.  Thanks for the review!
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 12:39 am
Reviewer: graynavarre (Signed) [Report This]

    Ok, deep breathes. - In with the good air, out with the bad AHHHHHHH!

    When Severus gets hold of the mutt (even if Sirius is misguided) there are not going to be large enough pieces of him to use for potions.

    Sirius had better hope that Bella gets to him first.

    Author's Response: Oh, they might be able to use his eyes . . .  But yeah, he's gonna wish a lot of things happened otherwise before Snape gets to him.  Thanks for the review!  I should ahve a new chapter out in the next week.
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 12:38 am
Reviewer: kreacher (Signed) [Report This]
    oh poor harry being taken by force by sirius, i hope snape rescues him, come on snape get to it and rescue young harry

    Author's Response: Well, yes, that's the idea.  :)  It might take a couple chapters to all resolve, but after it does, I'll be completing this volume and heading on for #3.  Thanks for the review!
Title: Chapter 20 30 Jul 2008 12:10 am
Reviewer: Poirot (Signed) [Report This]
    ANother great chapter, but you are KILLING me with the evil cliffies!! :) Please relent immediately!

    Author's Response: I don't know if I can!  Relenting is not amongst my programmed options . . . But I'll do my best.  Thanks for the review!

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