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Summary: Third year brings new troubles to Hogwarts, but none more than Harry Potter with the breakout the Dark Lord's right hand man, Sirius Black. Determined to finish what his master failed, Harry is sent back to the Dursleys where he can be safe within the blood wards and not allowed to visit the Weasleys at all nor contact his friends. To make sure of this, Hedwig is forbidden from being taken back to the Dursleys, yet after Sirius is sighted near Privet Drive, Professor Snape is forced to take control of Harry as an apprentice. However, when Snape arrives at Privet Drive, he discovers that Potter is missing. Is it Black that kidnapped him? Is it someone or something else more sinister? Harry is found in an unlikely place and taken away, forbidden from contact with his friends as he is thrust into the role of apprentice. Yet amidst these troubles, Harry discovers something about himself and a hidden crime that only a murder and his best friends know, something that may change Harry's future for the better...or the worst.

Story Notes:
This story takes lifespan and information from JOF, my book series, on kitsune and elves and lifespan of half-kitsune. My goal with this story is to have a proper master x apprentice, eventually with trusted mentor snape, of which too little is often seen of Master Snape x Apprentice Harry fanfics.  Usually, a Master x Apprentice fanfic on P&S tends to turn into Guardianship Snape or Snape adopting Harry.  This is not the goal of this story, for Harry to be either adopted by or become the ward of Severus Snape. This story also will have answers to a couple challenges I have in progress that are on here, those being Another Wizarding School by JA Worley and Other Wizarding Cultures by MsHunterGrl here on Potions and Snitches as well as the challenges Stolen by harrysnapefan, which I found ended up fitting into this story, Potion Poisoning by Jan_AQ, Aesop’s Fable by DaughterOfArtemis, Bathtime by SongoftheDarquePhoenix, Taken by Nightshade sydneylover150,  and Stuck at the top by Nightshade sydneylover150.   I took inspiration for the different werewolves from JA Worley's werewolf story, Unexpected.  Harry will be repeating his third year in this story and be homeschooled by Snape as well, being made to repeat his first two years in schooling, at least when it comes to Potions and possibly Herbology since are relative to each other. 
Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 Grim Defeat by moonterra [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (11799 words) Printer

Bingo topics for this chapter:
Grey-Running Late
Salmon Pink-Hit by a Bludger
Purple-Banned from Quidditch

My second fic fest I've entered on this site. I realize it may get boring having two challenges that I have answered on other stories but I tried to find other challenges that are old and have no responses to them that I thought would fit here. I am trying to not, hopefully, go with common tropes I have seen in P&S Severitus fics. I can promise, Snape will never be godfather or guardian to Harry in this story.

2. Chapter 2 Hogsmeade Marauder by moonterra [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarhalf-star (9905 words) Printer

Bingo Prompts for this chapter:
Blue-It's for your own good
Golden Yellow-Taking the blame

Chapter Warnings: Corporal Punishment

3. Chapter 3 Inheritance by moonterra [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (9436 words) Printer

Bingo Prompts for this chapter:
Purple-Winter Break
Spring Green-Creature Inheritance
Orange-Left out in the snow

To be continued...
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